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The banking and financial services industry is in a state of constant flux. While the last few years were all about managing the constantly changing regulatory atmosphere while being profitable, consumers’ experience and the underlying technology, are now the key focus areas.

However, banks are still struggling with their basic operations, leaving customers frustrated.


We at Areteans, are helping our customers in the Banking & Financial Services sector, tackle the following challenges:

Real Time, AI Driven Marketing

We as an organization, leverage our Marketing Practice to support our Banking Customers successfully implement Pega Marketing for FS.

Delivering on the premise of Contextual, Relevant & Real-Time outbound offers, we work with your stakeholders to quickly turn your vision into reality.

We are working with our banking & financial services customers to use big data for enriching & improving outcomes. By leveraging predictive & adaptive analytics under one unified platform, our customers can achieve rapid real-time to value.

Ease of doing Omni Channel Banking

The end-customer expects seamlessness in their dealings with institutions, and we are supporting banks achieve that through our wide range of services on Pega. We are helping banks deliver on their cross-channel strategies by collaborating with them on how they view customer experience, and how they manage their business.

With our deep knowledge on Pega Banking Frameworks, we are able to advise strategically on our customers’ business execution roadmap… and with our hands-on implementations, put that vision to work.

Shifting of Consumer Channel Preferences

Gone are the days when provision of a web portal would suffice the needs of today’s end-customers.

Today end-customers are empowered with an array of digital devices, and they expect personalized services across a wide range of touch-points.

We are working with our banking & financial services customers in delivering platforms which are focused in serving & supporting the entire array of digital touch-points with the customer, by utilizing all the capabilities of the Pega platform.

Lack of empowered employees to provide the right customer service

The days of siloed service are long gone. The customer is demanding and expects one-touch resolution.

The rise in digital & self-servicing offerings with increasingly complex transaction types becoming enabled on mobile, tablet & online platforms, is forcing banks to re-examine ways how technology can empower their employees in a better way, so that they can service their end-customers.

We are helping our banking customers build platforms which can enable their employees connect with the end-users at a more personalized level, simplifying the entire CSR experience, as well as keeping it flexible, so that it can evolve as business evolves.

Possessing some of the best experts on Pega Customer Service Strategic App, we are well-equipped to solve your challenges in providing your end-users the service you always wanted to provide.

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