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Australia’s leading insurer
goes digital to achieve
operational excellence

A call for business action

Need to overcome operational challenges

Established in 1996, this company is an insurer and risk adviser for the state government of Victoria, Australia. One of the largest firms in the Southern Hemisphere that provides risk advice and insurance services to government agencies, transport organizations, and statutory authorities, it discovered that its systems were limiting its ability to adapt to the changing business landscape.

The insurer, which has public hospitals, tertiary institutions, museums and galleries, state parks, and cemetery trusts as its clients, faced operational hurdles due to its reliance on manual processes. Customers experienced issues such as long wait times to purchase policies, difficulties in tracking the status of claims, and extended turnaround times for claims processing. Additionally, the limited availability of the client’s portal further compounded these issues, making it difficult for customers to properly engage with its services.

Faced with these challenges, the insurer recognized the urgent need for
transformation. It sought a solution to improve the efficiency of its workflows, standardize product configuration rules, and enhance adaptability. It wanted to revamp its operations to enable seamless operations for employees and stay relevant and responsive in an industry characterized by rapid change and high customer expectations.

Empowering business excellence with technology

Transforming operations with a Pega-based platform

Our team, consisting of insurance domain specialists and Pega experts,
designed, implemented, and delivered Client 360 platform, one of the largest
Pega implementations. Harnessing the power of Pega’s unified architecture,
our solution made a transformative impact on operations, creating a positive
impact on customer experience and engagement. Pega Infinity, Pega
Insurance FWs, and Pega Customer Service were the Pega frameworks used to
build the solution.

The solution included intelligent, automated workflows for:

The solution also included upgrading and migrating to the cloud, document management, email management, and integrating with other software and services to fulfill the client’s business requirements.

Driving lasting transformation

A unified solution for greater customer satisfaction and streamlined operations

Our Pega solution is now used to manage 90% of the enterprise’s applications. It also acts as the single source of truth for both underwriting and claims. The solution has enabled the insurer to:

Introduce over 100 new insurance products and cater to more than 25 new client segments.

Migrate content from the legacy application to Azure blob in one month, using Pega Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Build more than 150 products in 18 months through our enhanced product builder.

Optimize customer experience through a digital claim intake process, omnichannel customer service via
chatbots, email, and Interactive Voice Agents (IVA), a single-point billing experience, and personalized
products and recommendations for next steps.

Reduce operational costs of managing the lifecycle of organizational assets and access to reusable
processes for customer journeys.

Minimize claim leakage, indemnity expenses, lead time, and litigation management costs.

Provide customers and agents with a unified access point to view policy details, policy documents, historical
claims, and supporting documentation like underwriting notes, etc.

Improve productivity with proactive risk-management and automatic triage of claims to the appropriate
claims manager.

The Pega solution is a future-proof platform that enables the insurer to upgrade regularly with zero downtime and customize workflows and functions to keep pace with evolving business requirements.

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