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Elevating customer engagement:
A wireless provider case study

A call for business action

Digitizing customer service and marketing operation

A leading American mobile phone service provider recognized the urgent need to modernize its customer service and marketing operations. With a growing subscriber base and evolving customer expectations, the company aimed to elevate its services to:

Deliver rich, personalized customer experiences

Exceed customer expectations

Boost customer loyalty

Empowering business excellence with technology

1:1 real-time customer engagement and empowered marketing teams

To meet these challenges, the wireless provider partnered Areteans to implement a comprehensive solution that revolutionized its approach to customer engagement and marketing

Our Solution

Delivered a channel-agnostic
experience, ensuring seamless
and unified customer
conversations across all

Supported robust strategies for
customer acquisition, cross-selling,
upselling, and retention across the
provider’s diverse brand

Revamped campaign management with real-time processing capabilities, enabling the handling of up to 5 million events, better integration, quicker insights, and advanced

Driving lasting transformation

Achieving enhanced engagement and reduced time-to-market

The implementation of the solution yielded remarkable results, transforming the wireless provider's operations and driving significant business impact:

Achieved a 10%
improvement in ARPU
(average revenue per user),
reflecting enhanced
customer engagement
and increased spending

Realized a 25% offer
acceptance rate by
customers,indicating the
effectiveness of
personalized offers and
targeted marketing

Experienced a significant
reduction in time-to-market
for campaigns, allowing for
quicker response to market
trends and customer needs

Gained the ability to
launch multiple offers in a
day, enabling agile and
adaptive marketing

Realized a 25% offer
acceptance rate by
customers, indicating the
effectiveness of personalized offers and
targeted marketing

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