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Global CPG leader's digital
transformation with Areteans

A call for business action

Identifying operational inefficiencies across the workflow

A global leader in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry faced significant inefficiencies across its business functions. Legacy systems, rigid architecture, and outdated processes created bottlenecks in areas such as R&D, procurement, order to cash, and finance.

The lack of data quality and availability hindered insightful analytics and decision-making. Additionally, manual processes were error-prone, adversely affecting customer engagement and delaying product launches, which ultimately impacted profitability.

Empowering business excellence with technology

Tailored Pega solutions for operational transformation

Areteans stepped in to address these challenges by leveraging Pega's robust capabilities and an agile execution model. We designed and deployed solutions tailored to the company's critical business processes.
These included auto assessment of new product ideas, procurement management, automatic handling of pre-scheduled payments, and master data management for products and customers. Our strategic solutions transformed their operations, ensuring seamless workflow across global functions

Driving lasting transformation

Significant efficiency improvements and time saving

Our partnership resulted in the deployment of over 25 applications across 110+ countries, empowering more than 3,300 users. This digital transformation saved the company 1.2 million hours through Pega-powered solutions. The impact on business performance was substantial


Reduction in time to launch a new product: Streamlined processes enabled quicker
market entry


NA orders auto-unblocked, saving approximately USD 8 per order: Automation reduced manual intervention, cutting costs significantly


Reduction in time for R&D assessments: Accelerated assessments allowed faster
innovation cycles


Increase in efficiency with zero-error payments to
vendors: Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in financial operations


Increase in digital negotiation maturity:
Improved negotiation processes through digital

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