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Automation of Demand Forecasting Process

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

The entire project centered around complete process automation of Promotion Order confirmation emails sent by Customer’s retailers across Benelux region, compare Order proposal and Order confirmation details, validate them and surface the discrepancies to stakeholders with no manual intervention.

Project Challenges

  • Eye straining & laborious process involved in manual validation of Order Proposals and Order confirmations emails
  • Inaccurate forecasting in Visual Fabrique
  • Sales team spending time and efforts on non-core activities
  • Delay in confirming the orders to retailers due to the differences in Order Proposal and Order confirmations

Project Solution

  • Solution was envisioned and executed to have 3 core modules managed by 3 separate teams – Pega, OCR & RPA
  • Areteans team spearheading the Pega module which forms the face of the application providing process visibility, control and business rule validation. Areteans Team leveraged Pega 8.4.3 case management framework to manage the Order confirmation process, incorporating business validation and integration with other 2 key modules.
  • OCR module provided necessary info extraction capability from different file format and transforming the output to a standard file format.
  • RPA BOT module to query Visual Frabique system and performing the validation between Order confirmation and proposal emails.

Tools & Technologies

  • The project was built using Pega Case Management, Blueprism and OCR Technologies.


Quantified benefits

  • 50% increase in accuracy of forecasting the Promotion Order process in Visual Fabrique
  • ~400 hour per month of time saved (30 min per Promo OC email) processing for 11 retailers
  • ~ 75 % reduction in Price Claims cases, a huge challenge with Ops team , for 2 of biggest retailers
  • Qualitative benefits
  • Process Visibility and Control through Timely Notification
  • Boosting employee morale by automating the mundane repetitive tasks