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BRE – Business Rules Engine

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.
BRE is a very innovative solution which has been designed after analyzing the existing ODM rules which are used for Order Validations. It is a solution to replace the current ODM tool which has limited features w.r.t configuring business rules where in only 25% of the rules can be configured using the tool and remaining 75% of the rules still exists in macros. BRE is a global framework solution which can be used across all the hubs. Pega BRE solution leverages the case management features to automate the case creation and route it to the user automatically on triggering the order validation rules. Business users can directly configure there on business rules and do the unit testing then deploy.

Project Challenges

  • Analysis of the existing business rules and segregating them based on the outcome of the rule execution. 
  • Building a global framework and extending it to all the other hubs within no time.
  • Need to automatically create the Generic Case on the execution of order validation.
  • Need to handle the performance as there would be many no. of requests coming with huge volumes of orders as it is being used across hubs.
  • Implementing Audit Trail feature wherein we need to track the changes made per each validation.

Project Solution

  • System integration through REST Service for any Order validation request by upstream or downstream system (ECC)
  • Each order in the request goes through the set of business rules which are defined in the decision tables and the response is sent back to update ECC accordingly. 
  • Enabling a business configurational portal for the users to configure the rules, test and deploy.
  • Creating reusable functions which can be used across all the rules in the decision tables.
  • Enabling the users to maintain the ruleset versioning and deployment on their own.

Tools & Technologies

    • BRE application built on Pega (Pega Platform 8.4.3) Case Management which is replacing a legacy system “ODM” which is used for order validations.


  • Saving of 60k-65k USD per annum on licensing cost by sunsetting of ODM tool
  • Quick turnaround for business rules configuration. User can now configure 20-25 business rules in a day
  • Enhanced user experience for the BRE users.
  • Case creation and routing is automated which eliminates the need of manual case creation.
  • Global framework solution which can be used across industries like hospitality, banking, insurance, FMCG etc.,