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Dynamic Order Allocation using Pega Case Management

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

The project centers around Business Rule Engine & Automated Workflow for shipping orders direct to customers from the factory, and exploring alternate warehouses to ship from

Project Challenges

  • Manual process for selecting an SU (sourcing unit) for Direct Dispatch involved an Excel template with no workflows.
  • No automation in approvals once SU is selected leading to low operational efficiencies.
    Lack of a single view of Inventory in all sourcing units.
  • Multiple and disparate business rules and parameters to be considered for selecting a Sourcing Unit for Direct Dispatch.
  • Distributed knowledge of rules with different teams and systems which were not aligned to the business outcomes envisaged.
  • Lack of availability of Master Data in a single repository.

Project Solution

  • Pega Business Rule Engine + Approvals Workflow with multiple personas.
  • Joint Discovery Workshop conducted with Business Stakeholders to define the scope, brainstorm and document the business rules, finalize the structure and content of Master Data, and set up workflows and personas required for approving the recommendations.
  • Streamlined Case Lifecycle of DD and Bypass Cases within Customer’s Order 2 Cash Application.
  • Direct Dispatch Case Lifecycle designed using complex business rules and approval flow between multiple personas.
  • Bypass Case Lifecycle designed with automatic retrieval of data via BOTS, and multiple workflows.
  • Existing Interfaces with SAP were leveraged to exchange data, and the BOT logic was modified to accept a Sales Order Number from Pega to retrieve Order details from SAP for Bypass cases.

Tools & Technologies

  • The project was built using Pega Customer Service, SAP-ECC Module and Blueprism Technologies.


  • Significant Reduction in Transportation, Storage & Handling Costs for large orders by shipping direct from the Sourcing Unit.
  • Optimal Truck Load Utilization for Direct Dispatch Orders.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency via automated assignment of cases to personas based on business logic.
  • Improved Visibility of Stock and Production Schedule for processing Direct Dispatch orders.
  • Improved Visibility of failed Business Rules via BRE Logs.
  • Improved visibility of case rejection at any point via Pega Reports.