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Innovation Business Case – CCBT Arabia

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

The project centers around automating the innovation business case creation & approval process; and provide a tool to orchestrate workflow, enable collaboration and provide visibility on the status of the business case.

Project Challenges

  • The business case for product innovation is highly manual, fragmented and runs in silos
  • The entire project is run on a sheer manual basis where the project lead has to chase the various teams & individuals over emails, calls, meetings for updates.
  • A lot of work is done on excels, emails and other back of the envelope calculations, providing no visibility
  • No traceability and accountability in the process
  • All data, including references from other applications, are manually extracted and added to the excels to create a business case. This is highly cumbersome and error prone.

Project Solution

  • Pega Case Management to Initiate a business case, perform the financial viability of the innovations and enable the products to be market ready state.  
  • Parallel case design to ensure simultaneous data collection – Financial Information, Supply and Logistics (Master data) by all the stakeholders
  • Automated validations and business rules for flawless data collection with focus on data completeness and accuracy. 
  • Flexibility to amend/modify data with well defined business exceptions
  • Dashboard with clear visibility on open tasks and timings; empowering the business users to identify per project what needs to be done, by whom and when.  
  • Automated Email Correspondence with open tasks every weekday and reminders on SLA Adherence

Tools & Technologies

  • The project was built using Pega Case Management.


  • The proposed tool will provide a single, unified platform for transforming and automating the innovation Business Case process, by:
    • providing a single tool to collect, summarize and distribute work, single tool to list actions
    • Traceability and tracking
    • Collaboration
  • Realtime visibility of Innovation P&L statement