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Areteans is committed to making stronger efforts towards making ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ a part of our culture. Our vision is simple – To share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are the key factors of our company’s success. To be the best, we need the best diverse talent that caters to our diverse audience.

Areteans is the place that nurtures a sense of belonging for everyone.


Forget shedding labels, we say, embrace them. Be proud of yourself by being unapologetically YOU! We Aretes are on this journey of accepting ourselves for what we are and who we are.

To share our similarities and celebrate our differences

Enroute Diversity and Inclusion

Areteans is one of the fastest-growing companies and we consider it our responsibility to enhance our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. It is our mission to educate and promote D&I through our meticulously designed initiatives.

Areteans attracts the best talent from across the globe and we want all of them to feel at home. To make sure nobody is treated as an outsider, all the Aretes are building their diversity and inclusion capabilities. We aim to bring this change by organizing webinars, workshops, podcasts, and many more.  

Also, we are to set off important conversations through a special series called ‘Dialogue’ where we invite some of the insightful minds to enlighten us on topics like diversity, inclusion, equality, equity, and more.

Communities at Areteans

Women at Areteans

You will find the most powerful, the most creative, the most talented, and the kindest women in Areteans. From a junior who passionately strives to create impact to a leader who makes sure she paves a path for her successors to achieve bigger results, every woman of Areteans stands tall as an inspiration.

Veterans at Areteans

Yes, we know diversity is not just about gender. Diversity is about individuals contributing their unique experiences, backgrounds, and ideas. That’s where veterans come in. Areteans is proud of our veterans who chose to contribute to our business growth by adorning some of the crucial roles in the organization.

Cultures at Areteans

Being a global company, we have employees coming from different parts of the world from different cultures. Embracing cultural diversity is something that comes very naturally to Aretes, and we make the most out of this diversity. We believe it is our diverse cultural perspective that inspires creativity and innovation at Areteans.

At Areteans, we mastered the art of celebrating our individuality, together.

Our Conversations and Perspectives

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