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Product Info suite

The Business Issue

The scale of data management in CPF/FMCG industry is immense, the client was facing challenges in maintaining millions of data attributes and creation of thousands of master data codes, annually, over various IT platforms. For an organization with massive prdocut portfolio , the product info has multitude of dimensions ranging from ingredients to finished product , packaging to storage locations , market launches to innovations. This scale and breadth of data , is a complex task to orchestrate, create and maintenance information across multiple internal and external teams.

Before the solution was implemented, the team had legacy system , with rigid architecture , making the data maintenance as Herculean task leaving no room for innovations & extensions. This resulted in inconsistent, incomplete and mediocre-quality unstructured data throughout the business. Disparate (Legacy) systems led to creation of duplicate records and lack of traceability led to error-prone master data 

The Solution

Areteans designed a business-configurable workflow for orchestration and maintenance of Product Master Data  – Case management to improve operational efficiency, eliminate rework of data collection through attribute validation , Freeing up organisation capacity and improving data quality –through real-time integration with enterprise systems. Leveraging Pega Cosmos, top-class digital forms were designed to enhance user experience , with better visibility , assimilation of material data. True to the scalable Pega architecture for faster global rollouts,  the solution maximised the reusability . Personalised SLAs for setting realistic – contextual timelines for each project type  and an insightful dashboard to track the project status and trace the root cause of execution delays. 

The Result

The introduction of Product Info Suite has improved and streamlined Master Data Maintenance Experience by allowing better collaboration and data accuracy  . With Regulated Data Control in place, the client’s cost on enterprise data maintenance to match their ever-growing product line portfolio has come down drastically.

1. Quicker product introductions and a 300% shorter time to market

2. Faster onboarding to new geographies. 

3. Reduced likelihood of regulatory non-compliance

4. Provided a holistic perspective and improved control over product data to multiple teams, enabling them to make right decisions.