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Department of Planning & Environment


• Existing system, Accelo has very limited functionality, is not a good case management application, and cannot easily accommodate changes.

• The SLA’s on department and on Proponents(external users) were not captured properly and not system driven

• Approvals of the documents issued by the department were done offline

• Existing system was not integrated with CM9 & Sharepoint and planners used to upload manually


• Deliver the automatic routing of the projects to appropriate departments for assessment and accommodate complex assessment processes using case management.

• Allow Proponents/Applicants, other government organizations, and the common public to register for Major Projects using a department-wide registration & profile creation process.

• Implemented complex SLAs of the assessment process that is defined by the legislation


Areteans was engaged to meet the energy regulatory requirements set out by the Victorian government. We used Pega to design a solution that not only fulfilled a licensing regime but also helped promote safety at the workplace and in the community as a whole. 

Because of our expedited delivery, the client’s licensing team was able to get a headstart and complete assessment of 25% of the applications ahead of schedule. In addition, we also cut down costs by using Pega Mash-up to enable the web forms for application lodgement.

Key Integrations

  • Pega Infinity v 8.4.1
  • Pega Government Platform v 8.4


• Improve productivity of DPE assessment officers by 20% to 50%

• Deliver adaptive case-handling capability to support legislative, ministerial, and departmental changes

• Automatic case routing to correct section by Industry & Development types of the projects being assessed

• Effective tracking of the SLAs

• Provide DPE with a transformational opportunity by solving key business challenges, modernizing the operational technology, and, proving DPE with a unified capability 

 that will readily support its intra-governmental, private sector, and public customers.

• Reduce the time spent by planners 

‒ over emails around communication with external users and offline approvals

‒ manual loading of the files into CM9 and SharePoint

• Improve customer experience by accelerating the fulfillment of requests through 

 self-service (24/7 capability).