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Government Centre of Excellence 


  • CCMS will support the department’s Customer Complaints Management Framework. 
  • Each business unit maintains its customer complaints register, predominantly in spreadsheets.


  • Built on PGP Complaints and reused existing case types and entities.
  • Provided a Unified system to manage customer complaints across the department of education and simplified management and operation reading.


Areteans was engaged to meet the energy regulatory requirements set out by the Victorian government. We used Pega to design a solution that not only fulfilled a licensing regime but also helped promote safety at the workplace and in the community as a whole. 

Because of our expedited delivery, the client’s licensing team was able to get a headstart and complete assessment of 25% of the applications ahead of schedule. In addition, we also cut down costs by using Pega Mash-up to enable the web forms for application lodgement.

Key Integrations

  • Pega Infinity v 8.4.1
  • Pega Government Platform v 8.4


  • Over 200+ complaints were registered using CCMS(Pega) in the first release of the application.

Procurement and implementation of an enterprise technology solution for the 

  •  Capture, investigate, resolve, monitoring, and reporting of customer complaints.
  • Transitioning and decommissioning of legacy systems/tools used for collecting and managing customer complaints data, including MS Access databases and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Improved the effectiveness and efficiency of customer complaints management business processes and capabilities across the department.
  • The CCMS project aims to source and implements an enterprise ICT solution for customer complaints management that:
    • addresses the current system issues and provides an enterprise solution for the collection, storage, and analysis of customer complaints
    • Improved decision-making through better reporting information management
    • The government has achieved a global view of overall complaints captured across more 15+ business units and 7 regions of QLD