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The banking and finance industry continues to evolve rapidly, experiencing a growing shift from physical services to more secure and convenient digital interactions. Ever-changing regulations, manual KYC, and customer onboarding complicate transactions and turnaround time. The lack of single view status of customers’ life journey affects the simplicity, security, and scalability of services.

Outdated technologies are not only expensive and inefficient — it poses risks such as identity fraud and money laundering. We collaboratively work with you to implement future-proof solutions to adapt to changing business models, mounting regulation and compliance pressures — delivering enhanced customer experience in the meantime.

How Areteans solves challenges

We work to identify and streamline human-intensive and time-consuming processes. Our in-depth domain expertise combined with AI-driven intelligent workflow management and machine learning enables smart decisioning.

With Areteans you orchestrate faster due diligence, monitor suspicious activity, and maintain data integrity. This accelerates the transition to digital lending, reduces costs, elevates customer engagement using digital KYC, and automates loan origination and approval processing. We are committed to creating a comprehensive and secure system for a consistent customer experience.

Other industries we serve


Areteans is helping insurers deliver lean yet robust systems built with Pega technologies which are built for the future and cater to the varied needs of the market.

and Media

Areteans is helping the world’s leading providers in Communications & Media vertical to deliver lean yet robust systems which built for the future

Banking And
Financial Service

We at Areteans, are helping our customers in the Banking & Financial Services sector by providing the best Pega solutions

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