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Keeping pace with FMCG

Uncover the power of best-in-class partnership for end-to-end digital transformation 

Drive a 360-degree data-driven transformation of CPG

Ever-evolving consumer behavior and expectations, a dynamic business landscape, and disruptive business models  are compelling the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry to reinvent processes and maximize speed & scale. 

Intelligent, data-driven enterprises that transform end-to-end business models with next-gen digital capabilities will set the course for long-term success.

Our approach to future-proofing CPG with a 360-degree transformation

Areteans delivers  business value across CPG processes & business functions combining deep expertise across the workflow and cutting-edge tech.

With powerful Pega capabilities and a matured execution model, we  deliver intelligent solutions across different strategic business functions of the CPG industry. We leverage advanced decision models, AI, Machine Learning, chatbots and NLP to help CPG companies go to market faster, develop better quality products, improve productivity, and adhere to regulatory compliance.


Research and Development

Fuel growth with research & innovation safely and at scale 

Deliver value by developing differentiated product offerings while auto-assessing new product ideas for safety and risk. 

Our risk assessment framework enables you to leverage the power of data and advanced analytics to garner predictive insights and diagnostic capabilities to augment your product R&D processes.


Modernize procurement to drive savings and profitability 

Harness strategic sourcing and negotiation insights, strengthen supply chains and drive savings to emerge stronger, smarter, and more agile. 

Our collaborative procurement model (CPM) builds institutional knowledge of procurement processes and material resilience planning tool is used to assess and mitigate the requirement of high-risk materials by identifying reliable supplier.

Order to Cash

Orchestrate a seamless end-to-end order-to-cash journey 

Deliver beyond customer expectations with an insights-driven, end-to-end adaptable order-to-cash system.

Our order refinement claims, and promotion management solutions enable an omnichannel strategy based on data-driven insights, predictive models and decisioning tools to deliver a connected experience from auto-approval of claims to promoting the right product to the right customer at the right time.


Reduce logistics costs while ensuring timely, efficient transport

Effectively utilize space in trucks, simplify and streamline supply chain decisions with transportation network flexibility while tracking every step of reverse logistics.

Our logistics solutions auto-calculate truck loads for optimal utilization and transportation network flexibility optimizes routes for reducing costs as well as carbon emissions. 

Product Management

Reinvent your GTM strategy to fuel growth

Ideate, develop, market, and sell quicker & better with our comprehensive data management solutions and a collaborative platform for various teams to work together. 

Our business case analyzer and product and pricing design suite enable streamlined launch operations, process automation and data validation to harness speed to market.

Customer Engagement

Reimagine customer engagement and experience

Deliver smooth direct-to-consumer and omnichannel experiences to reboot customer experience and expand your business and revenue opportunities.

Our solution helps you put consumers at the heart of your growth strategy using advanced data capabilities, AI technology, smart automation, and personalization in a unified customer journey with real-time actionable insights.



Measure, monitor and manage emissions to reach your sustainability goals 

Track, analyze and reduce your carbon footprint to achieve net zero goals

Our solution, CZERO, leverages AI to automate the measurement, monitoring and management of CO2 emissions through a guided maturity journey across business functions.


Build financial resilience with unified financial operations

Intelligent workflow for complete payment processing right from request to 

automated validation to authorized approval and transaction closure. Our unified financial application enables end-to-end, timely visibility of information across stakeholders for transparency and regulatory adherence alongside streamlined and automated fixed asset management. 

We deliver. You excel.

Latest in CPG

Today, digital engagement is single-handedly the most impactful driver of commerce. The time to go beyond your customer’s wants and needs to overcome roadblocks in the supply chain is now.


Consumer awareness of climate change and its effects on the environment is growing.

 As a result, people focus more on a company’s social initiatives and look for those who provide more ethical product options. As sustainability gains prominence, FMCG firms pay attention to both the materials they use as well as how they sell their goods.

Digitalization plays a key role in ensuring sustainability goals are met by eliminating the use of paper and manual labor.

Customer Experience

Companies aim to greatly enhance consumer experiences as the need for convenience rises in the FMCG sector.

Organizations are rapidly turning to cloud for enhancing product interaction and satisfaction. Additionally, spending money on enhancing consumer experiences promotes brand loyalty and trust. To this purpose, an increasing number of FMCG companies are utilizing digital technology to offer more convenience.

Multi-Channel Engagement

The internet is a popular resource for today’s consumers for both product research and order placement. 

These options provide unmatched ease and safety. FMCG companies must make adjustments to these market shifts in order to remain competitive and have a substantial market share. With the option of multiple channels available, businesses can instruct their clients’ research techniques. You will also improve your chances of developing a memorable brand. FMCG companies may successfully respond to the enormous shift toward digital platforms if they have a robust IT infrastructure.

Our Thoughts

At Areteans, we identify and unleash your business’ trapped value by leveraging our intelligent operating models. Our well-connected and wider Omnicom network enables us to offer you future-proofed business outcomes across several technology stacks. Additionally, we help you keep customers at the forefront by mitigating highly volatile SKUs. 

Our global presence and world-class CRM, data engineering, and marketing capabilities help you stay ahead of the curve and deliver real impact. With Pega’s SLA-based claim management capability, we tap into your order-to-cash process to help you increase operational efficiency, manage orders end to end, and save time. 

Our Leaders

Sanjeev Singh

Executive Vice President,

Jatin Patel

Senior Vice President & Regional Head of Europe

Gaurav Saxena

Assistant Vice President – Digital Transformation

Reeti Saha

Senior Director – Delivery and Customer Success

Sanjeev Singh

Executive Vice President,

Jatin Patel

Senior Vice President & Regional Head of Europe

Gaurav Saxena

Assistant Vice President – Digital Transformation

Reeti Saha

Senior Director – Delivery and Customer Success