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Urgent Payments

The Urgent Payments solution focuses on providing a unified financial application with a wide range of payment requests that need to be approved quickly. This streamlined process allows users to build an exception vendor list, where the required pay orders might not be in place. The application is easily extendable to new geographies in a short amount of time, making it an incredibly useful tool. With this comprehensive platform, users have access to nearly every type of payment request, allowing for greater financial control and a streamlined process. It’s a powerful, efficient tool that makes managing finances easier and more manageable.


  • Customised portals & access according to user persona
  • Configurable application design for quick enablement & onboarding of new countries
  • Modular application design for easy maintenance
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for periodic financial audit
  • Admin capabilities for business super users
  • Integrated excel offering for quick creation of cases in bulk at one go

Urgent Payments solution has revolutionized the way businesses manage their finances. By providing robust case-level auditing, end-to-end visibility of information in a streamlined manner, migration from SharePoint and MS Forms-based request handling to a process flow-oriented application, and accurate intimation of information to the relevant stakeholders on a timely basis, this solution has greatly enhanced the overall business value-add. It has enabled businesses to streamline their financial operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings. Furthermore, with this solution, businesses can now ensure better compliance and accuracy in their financial processes.

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Fixed Asset Management

Areteans’ Fixed Asset Management solution is designed to streamline and automate processes connected with the acquisition and installation of fixed assets. Our solution is based on Pega, an industry-leading technology platform, and it allows businesses to reduce the time, effort and resources associated with managing and reconciling these assets in the enterprise system. 

This solution also covers operations and maintenance processes, such as monitoring asset performance, maintenance, as well as the disposal of fixed assets when required. It enables businesses to minimize costs and maximize their efficiency, while also helping them to stay compliant with all relevant regulations.

The solution’s Improved accuracy and quality of master data is an invaluable business benefit. By automating workflows and reducing touchpoints, the solution facilitates faster product launches reducing the time to market by 300%. It also dramatically reduces the time to create a new product code from 41 days to 8 days. The solution also reduces the chances of regulatory non-compliance and process reworking significantly.