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Truck Load Optimization​ with Sustainable Solutions:

Our Truck Load Optimization solution utilizes weight and volume metrics to combine orders and maximize truck space utilization. This reduces extra transportation costs and provides a smooth experience for customers. Route optimization further reduces Co2 emissions by 20% annually. With decisioning, manual input in updating weight and volume is eliminated, contributing to a more sustainable transport system.


  • Optimal utilization of truck space.
  • Auto Calculation of TLU.
  • Relevant notifications to customers on order progress.

As a result, this sustainable solution adds value to your business by ensuring timely order delivery while maximizing truck load utilization (TLU) . This results in reduced costs and increased efficiency, ultimately contributing to the growth of your business.

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Transportation Network Flexibility

The transportation industry is dealing with ever-greater challenges as global supply chains develop and expand. Complexity in the supply chain can impact profit margins and customer loyalty, making it harder for brands to succeed. To tackle these difficulties, many are switching to right-of-way dispatched delivery systems for better control over distribution. At Areteans, our expert Pega developers are skilled in providing advanced technology solutions to make supply chain decisions simpler and more efficient. With our Transport Network Flexibility, companies can overcome the complexities of the transportation industry, reaching their business objectives.


  • Integration with Enterprise System
  • Automated direct dispatch eligibility check
  • Stock and production transparency for processing direct dispatch orders

 Transportation Network Flexibility solution is designed to optimize your business by reducing transportation, storage, and handling costs. It ensures faster delivery to customers and promotes a sustainable supply chain while maximizing vehicle space and minimizing carbon emissions through optimized route planning. This eco-friendly approach provides a cost-effective solution for all your transportation needs.