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Order to Cash

Order Refinement

The Order Refinement system is a comprehensive omnichannel solution that simplifies customer inquiries related to orders. With this cutting-edge end-to-end automated solution, our customer-facing specialists can seamlessly modify order details and notify customers, ensuring a hassle-free customer experience.


  • Order & Customer 360 view
  • Business rules for zero touch order block resolution
  • Reporting and Personalized Dashboard
  • Multi-channel (Omni channel) ticket creation.

The system is designed to ensure prompt delivery of all orders to customers, regardless of any inconsistencies. The system intelligently routes orders to the appropriate customer-facing specialist and automatically forwards blocked orders for swift resolution. By consolidating all blocked orders, the system streamlines the process, enabling efficient and precise management of all customer requirements.

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Claims Management

Pegasystems’s AI-powered Claims Management solution processes various types of claims, including Trade, Promo, and Logistic claims, using a streamlined and effective end-to-end approach. With decisioning and AI capabilities, the solution quickly identifies relevant parameters through its built-in prediction model, leading to prompt and automated claim approval. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage claims, providing a simplified and efficient process.


  • Configurable workflow-based solution covering Registration, Validation, Approval, Settlement and Resolution process with highlighting duplicate cases.
  • Zero human touch registration for substantial cases
  • Automatic claim registration process using OCR technology
  • Straight through processing of case for validating and approval based on a predictive model
  • Approval Process designed as per Org Structure
  • Auto-conversion of Text Email to actionable case.

The system provides immense value to businesses by streamlining the process of extracting, validating, and approving data from multiple channels. With its advanced features, it offers a comprehensive view of deduction and other claims, which significantly reduces claim settlement time by up to 60%.