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Collaborative Procurement Model (CPM)

The Collaborative Procurement Model (CPM) is a powerful tool for clients to help create institutional knowledge about the standard procurement processes and past sourcing activities for future reference and optimization efforts. Strategic sourcing brings greater oversight to each sourcing activity, with mandated signoffs from the relevant authority. By utilizing the CPM, clients can build an immense library of data that can be used to improve future procurement decisions.


  • Project 360 view
  • Provision of quick guides & educational document links
  • Exporting key project details in PowerPoint
  • Using Pega capability of NLP, Emails are converted directly into cases and intelligently routed to the right resources

The tool is a game-changer for businesses, allowing effortless coordination among multiple stakeholders. It lays a strong foundation for institutional knowledge and fosters accountability, ownership, and traceability of projects. Its guided process flow and single source of truth provide a comprehensive view of all projects, ensuring savings potential is understood by tracking target and actual spend.

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Material Resilience Planning:

The Material Resilience Planning solution helps organizations make strategic decisions that benefit all major stakeholders. It offers a comprehensive, user-friendly approach to managing high-risk materials and negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes. It streamlines the process by guiding the user step-by-step, balancing business guidelines with ease of use to ensure a successful negotiation process. With the Material Resilience Planning solution, organizations can make informed and effective decisions that prioritize both their business objectives and the user experience.


  • Customised portals & access according to user persona
  • Interactive birds-eye dashboard view
  • Robust reporting capabilities for overall performance monitoring
  • Real-time notifications via email & application
  • Auto generation of summary documents
  • Integrated MS teams meeting invite