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Business Case Analyser

The implementation of a Go-To-Market (GTM) approach often involves multiple teams, making it difficult to launch products in a timely manner and fully reap the benefits. The long wait for business cases to be received and processed across various systems adds to the challenge. The Business Case Analyser is designed to address these difficulties by customizing and coordinating the operations of logistics, finance, and supply chain departments. This solution streamlines the process, enabling teams to launch products quickly and efficiently, ultimately delivering greater business value.


  • Intelligent chatbot experience across any messaging channel
  • Cloning of product details
  • Zero touch business rule validation
  • 360 views of a product
  • Forecasting of supply chain details
  • Daily Extracted multiple reports to relevant stakeholders 

The Business Case Analyzer revolutionizes businesses by defining each department’s ownership, guaranteeing a flawless product launch. Its streamlined process significantly reduces time to market, providing businesses with a competitive advantage.

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Product, Pricing & Product Design Info suite

The Product, Pricing & Product Design Info Suite provides a solution to improve the user experience through better data categorization and handling. This leads to more regulated data control and increased efficiency, allowing businesses to expand their product portfolio and reach new geographies with ease. A key factor in this solution is the ability to identify and define unique, independent products that can determine the capabilities of the business. With this solution, businesses can streamline their processes and gain a competitive advantage in their market.


  • Process Automation
  • Enhanced Data Validation & Integrity
  • Faster New Territory Rolls-Out

The solution’s Improved accuracy and quality of master data is an invaluable business benefit. By automating workflows and reducing touchpoints, the solution facilitates faster product launches reducing the time to market by 300%. It also dramatically reduces the time to create a new product code from 41 days to 8 days. The solution also reduces the chances of regulatory non-compliance and process reworking significantly.