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Risk Assessment Framework

Pega’s Risk Assessment Framework automates the process of assessing the safety of new products, covering various safety categories. It serves as a comprehensive tool for ensuring product safety.


  • Quick identification of risk-causing ingredient(s).
  • Clear and concise assessment.
  • Indication if the level exceeds safe standards.
  • Definition of safe level for easy reference.

Pega has improved its auto-assessment tool for domains like toxicity, ecotoxicity, and microbiology, resulting in a 40% reduction in data entry needs. By integrating with enterprise system for product recipes, the manual entry has decreased by 30%. The improved user experience, with easy navigation and clear assessment progress, has led to a 70% increase in tool adoption. Pega also surpasses Pelican’s limitations by enabling the user to specify the active ingredient level in a substance.

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Research Knowledge Management

With the increasing number of applications, organizations face fresh hurdles even as automation takes over repetitive tasks. Ensuring proper adherence to application processes, efficiently onboarding users, and providing customizable FAQs for common inquiries are all essential to optimize automation and enhance the user experience.

Pega’s AI-powered Research Knowledge Management products assist customers in identifying and resolving issues related to products or services. Using interactive, rich-text questions, these products guide end-users through a step-by-step process, providing support to resolve any challenges.

Key Features:

  • Knowledge Portal
  • User Feedback and Ratings
  • Content search and display
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic
  • Knowledge help sites