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Make every decision count with AI-led, real-time insights

With the ability to access, analyze, and act on customer data as it happens, you can create hyper-personalized experiences that delight customers and drive loyalty. By harnessing the power of real-time insights, you can optimize every customer interaction, whether it’s a marketing campaign, a customer service call, or an online purchase. With real-time decisioning insights, companies can stay ahead of the competition, anticipate customer needs, and deliver experiences that truly resonate. 

Embrace real-time customer decisioning insights today!

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Challenges to Decisioning

Outdated outbound marketing methods fail to provide customers with the personalized experiences they now expect. This is often due to inefficient operational models, limited access to cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel, and under-utilization of available data.

Marketing solutions are not equipped to handle the constantly evolving customer landscape, leading to missed opportunities, bad decisions, and a significant disconnect between what organizations think they are delivering to customers and what customers actually experience.

Experience freedom with built-in technical support

The Areteans Approach to Customer Decisioning

Successful outcomes in the decisioning process require a blend of people, business, and technology, operating to make the organization more agile, more responsive and future-proof.





Our Customer
Decisioning Hub

Areteans has a Customer Decisioning Hub (CDH) powered by PEGA and delivers always-on, omnichannel personalization at scale, powered by advanced algorithmic decisioning and Al.

With an experienced cross-functional team to align your business outcomes to data-driven and customer-centric processes leveraging Pega capabilities, we can deliver dynamic decisioning to improve your business performance and ROI.


The pillars of our CDH are

Thought leadership

  •  Next best action decisioning
  • Discovery of new business use-cases
  • Best practices & integrated services to deploy winning business development strategies

Business coaching

  • Updated knowledge repository
  • Training sessions
  • Creation of a community of experts by mentoring and business coaching

Solution accelerators

  • Provision of out-of-the-box tech accelerators.
  • IT solution design, development, and management.
  • Best-practice frameworks, templates, checklists, reviews, standards.

Business consultancy

  • Deep market insights and strategic thinking
  • Business and technical proficiency
  • Vendor liaison, feasibility analysis, technical support

We deliver. You excel.

Why Areteans?

Our approach centers around your customer journeys, utilizing reusable components for efficient data ingestion and outbound integration. The result is an accelerated time-to-value and an amplified capacity to deliver exceptional customer experiences to both new and returning customers.

Domain expertise

  • Rich experience and expertise with multiple CDH engagements across verticals

Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, and Telecom.

  • Discover business value through intelligent omnichannel experiences, cross-selling, and upselling opportunities.

Proficient team

  • A mix of young talent, experienced thought leaders, and certified professionals.
  • Over 950 professionals with experience in Pega and 1403 certifications that combine industry insights and technology expertise.

Dedicated decisioning Centre of Excellence (CoE)

  • To provide advisory services, application support and enhancement, and creative, insights-led solutions for marketing operations
  • A vast library of assets like solutions for next best action design and customer funnel analysis, reusable components like domain specific data models, PoCs for technical solutions, and use case collection for customer journeys, customer engagement, customer retention, etc

Custom solutions

  • Business driven, customer focused solutions for real-time decision-making using Al-driven adaptive 
  • Proven savings of 120 hours and over 200,000 USD from our financial services solution and value additions for insurance companies through intelligent bundling of offers, real-time insights to manage underwriting rules, and smarter claim management.

Technology partner

  • Well-versed in Pega
    CDH setup with experience in system inte-gration, application support, and business enablement
  • One of the fastest growing Pega CDH practices in the Pega ecosystem, with over ten ongoing Pega CDH engagements.