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Is your business foolproof against cybercrime and compliance failures?

Switch to CLM NextGen, a low-cost modular solution for enhanced validation and security

As incidents of fraud and cybercrime are on the rise, banks and financial institutions face constant pressure from regulators with regard to KYC compliance. NextGen CLM provides a comprehensive and secure system for acquiring, enriching, profiling, and servicing your customers.

We empower you to fulfill your KYC responsibilities with our CLM NextGen. It is an end-to-end feature-rich application designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to mitigate identity frauds as well as detect and prevent money laundering.

Automate and scale your banking operations

Easily orchestrate client onboarding, identification, and verification with a highly modular end-to-end application that allows only desired components to be picked and plugged seamlessly into an existing CLM landscape. Configure any local organizational or regulatory specifications with reduced costs and efficiency.

How does CLM NextGen work?

  • Automates KYC refreshers and remediations for existing customers
  • Enables FACTA, ALM, CRS, and credit checks for new clients
  • Faster onboarding with self-service capabilities for forms and documents
  • Smart data capture using OCR

What makes CLM NextGen a revolutionary solution?

Our solution caters to all private individual business segments and offers a data-driven approach to KYC due diligence.

  • Flexible and modular functionalities
  • Self-service solution
  • Automated data entry
  • Smart digital IDV
  • Dynamic KYC process
  • Dedicated client outreach
  • Continuous alignment with regulations
  • Consistent and elevated customer experience

Achieve high-level data security and maintain full control of your onboarding process with responsive technology.

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