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Why should your customers have to wait longer to get loans approved?

Improve TAT on deal closures with Loan Origination System — your starter pack for faster onboarding

Are you bogged down with changing regulations and slow TAT in loan approvals and disbursals? It’s time to get agile and flexible with our Loan Origination System (LOS) that eliminates manual checks and verifications to dramatically reduce your time to market.

Loan Origination System is a platform-independent app that delivers customizable solutions to build customer journeys for specific cases or segments in loan application, processing, and servicing. Leverage Aretean’s in-depth domain expertise combined with 360-degree application of AI and insights to enhance customer satisfaction.

Save time and money; reduce risks

Our LOS brings you an innovative, flexible, and secure end-to-end loan origination process that provides positive customer experiences and maintains rapid regulatory compliance. We have customized the application to meet specific needs of the retail banking market segment with a step-by-step process flow for onboarding mortgage customers.

How does LOS work?

  • Quick and easy customer information file (CIF) creation and check for duplicates
  • Reliable application scoring via configurable rules including checks such as fraud, AML, and credit score
  • Robust verification and approvals
  • Timely audits and reports created for regulatory authorities

Transform your banking experience

Increase approval efficiency with a faster and simpler online application supported by a rich set of features, including API-based architecture. The seamless integration with your retail banking hybrid or cloud system allows you to achieve accelerated time to market.

  • Customize onboarding process for retail banking customers
  • Meet onboarding requirements specific to ASEAN and Indian regions
  • Begin the onboarding process with different triggers
  • Leverage extensive data model to comply with multiple onboarding requirements for various regions
  • Secure data entry with maker-checker process
  • Perform credit checks with API-based architecture
  • Publish onboarding decisions with events-based service model that other systems can use for quick action

Ready to jumpstart your retail banking distribution?

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