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11-05-2022 | Anshuman Chakraborty

In today’s digital world, every company, irrespective of the industry vertical it is aligned to, is striving to be a tech company. Businesses have realized that to stay relevant they must constantly evolve by making the most of the new-age technologies like Pega, which is a leading software in Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space. In these times, to effectively assist and guide the businesses in this journey, it is pivotal for the IT consulting & services companies to keep pace with the fast-changing business landscape and evolve a few critical roles along the way – none more important than the one of business analysts.

Business Analysts must assume a bigger role with a view to bringing more value that doubles up with every interaction with the customer. From being a conduit of transferring business requirements from customers to internal development teams, the business analysts must strive to become trusted advisors to the customers and think and act like ‘Business Architects’. Areteans Pega Business Architecture ‘BA’ practice is at the forefront of this evolution. So, what makes us the most sought-after Pega BA practice in the industry?

  • Areteans brings the best of both worlds to the BA community (both aspiring & experienced) – an opportunity to work in Pega, the leading low-code no-code platform in the industry and a chance to learn and spread your wings as a Business Architect thus preparing you for the future
  • Areteans encourages and provides full liberty to our BAs to think and act like leaders in their sphere of work
  • The company offers you the chance to work on cutting-edge solutions riding on market leading Pega platform
  • Areteans is the only pure-play Pega partner in the industry and thus provides BAs the best opportunity to build and accelerate your career in Pega without any fear of dilution of experience
  • Evidently, Areteans is the fastest growing Pega service providers in the world and our BAs are at the forefront of driving this growth
  • BAs at Areteans are young, passionate bunch who believe in continuous learning and delivering best results
  • BAs are given the liberty to pursue other career paths should they demonstrate an ability to take on the new role
  • Areteans strives to bring variety to work by offering opportunities to work across industry verticals like viz, BFS, Insurance, Telecom, FMCG, E&U, Govt, and more.
  • Areteans values the domain skills you bring to the organization and, offers you the chance to specialize in a particular domain 
  • Areteans’ tremendous growth translates into increasing number of challenging opportunities for the BAs across the globe

Above all, at Areteans, we believe that the freedom to learn, to experiment and make mistakes builds a strong innovative culture. We treat our colleagues across levels with respect and celebrate their uniqueness. So, make your choice to be part of a culture that promises an accelerated career growth. We’re the future!

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