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Bridging the gender gap for women intechnology

Thriving through equality

At Areteans, we are proud to have women of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. They work alongside our male peers with equal opportunities and benefits. You will find the most influential, creative, and talented women leading the way. From a junior who passionately strives to create impact to a leader who makes sure she paves a path for her successors to achieve more significant results — every woman of Areteans stands tall as an inspiration.

At Areteans, 5% of women are in authority positions. Their resilience and vision have enabled us to solidify our thought leadership and success in the

We are a company committed to helping our people reach their potential and foster a healthy work-life balance by offering health insurance, vacation days, and equal opportunities for promotions — irrespective of cultural and social identities.

Areteans is a value-based organization. We deeply care about our women employees, and we continuously work towards maintaining a conducive work environment for them. Areteans is a value-based organization. We deeply care about our women employees, and we continuously work towards maintaining a conducive work environment for them.

Our company culture looks out for employee well-being. We actively encourage them to take care of their mental and physical health through comprehensive maternity benefits and fun events like running clubs, yoga classes, and seminars on various topics. We have a zero-tolerance policy against harassment of all gender identities. Our POSH (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment) committee and internal women’s network called ADIRA ensure the welfare of all members.

To share our similarities and celebrate our differences

Shattering stereotypes with pride

Meet the women in tech who are breaking down barriers and busting the gender imbalance in the industry.

Foster a community of women trailblazers

We strive to create an environment where everyone feels free to be
themselves. Our employees diverse backgrounds and experiences give us a
unique perspective on solving challenges. The women at Areteans bring an
exceptional skill set that makes them an integral part of our team.

At Areteans, we mastered the art of celebrating our individuality, together.

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