CSM and Journaling & Payments Tool

CSM and Journaling & Payments Tool For a Leading Bank in South Africa, that does not have any physical branches and relies entirely on Application and Internet Banking Abstract Areteans implemented Pega Email Bot with Machine Learning features collaborating with customer’s data scientists to enhance the customer servicing automation aspects […]

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Insurance Claims Leakage

Insurance Claims Leakage 2021-01-13 | Insurance Claims Leakage Abstract The Insurance Industry in India is currently grappling with several challenges. Apart from the regulars like competing with traditional as well as new age digital-only providers, finding niche market segments to design and position newer products, and generating a single view […]

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The Digital Transformation Wave

The Digital Transformation Wave 2020-09-25 |Business Architecture Team If a digital transformation were to be defined:-  Briefly it could be defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business that fundamentally changes how the businesses operate and deliver value to customers. In today’s world, everyone is talking […]

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