Areteans | All Things PEGA


Efficient customer service management for enhanced capacity and digital transactions

A South African digital-only retail bank operates via self-service kiosks and cloud-based applications. Their extensive use of technology eliminates the need for physical branches, enabling affordable banking for its customers. 


  • Existing CSM services unable to support increasing volume 
  • Lack of robust security systems to incorporate Pega upgrades 
  • Time-consuming processes across multiple systems with various restrictions


  • Solved customer issues with reduced transaction processing time
  • Enabled business users to handle Pega OOTB features like SLA reporting, auditing, and ad-hoc cases
  • Trained customer data scientists to seek customer feedback using Pega email IVA with machine learning 
  • Enabled report personalization and scheduling, BIX reporting, CTI integration, and personal lending process
  • Improved SLA tracking, and security audit logging
  • Provided omnichannel interaction capability
  • Replaced manual user actions with automated case life-cycle management and ensured zero down-time for future upgrades


We at Areteans, enhanced our client’s existing customer service management process to handle their growing customer base and increasing digital interactions. Our domain expertise in financial accounting reduced transaction processing time, improved audit tracking, and enabled document generation for regulatory compliance.

We enabled omnichannel capability, replaced manual user actions with automated case life-cycle management, and ensured zero down-time for future upgrades with Pega Cloud Support upgrades. 


  • Faster customer redressal 
  • Seamless omnichannel experience
  • Quick time-to-market for future updates