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Tune into disruptive technology to grab attention

and Media

Tune into disruptive
technology to grab attention

Innovating at high speed and scale is the mainstay of media and telecommunications. As a player in this industry, you know the value of keeping pace with customer expectations as well as ushering in disruption with optimized technologies and strategies.

You must keep reinventing your business in the wake of 24×7 services, particularly to drive effective customer engagement along with successful cross-selling and upselling across all platforms. We enable you to deliver unified, channel-agnostic experiences proactively using our leading-edge technology for customer retention and acquisition.


Proactive engagement

Our Marketing Practice enables our partners to effectively engage with their customers by implementing
Pega Marketing for Communications Platform, enriching every customer
experience. Drive sales, retention, and profitability at scale.

Omnichannel Strategy

We help you build a lasting relationship with your customers by improving their experience across channels, maintaining a conversation with them seamlessly, and developing strategies for growth. The Pega Platform with Communications Industry Foundation makes it possible for us to maximize organizational effectiveness.

Sustainable operations

Our team anticipates churn and works with clients to improve operational excellence by providing the right personalized offers in the right context at the right time. It creates sustainable value throughout the customer’s life cycle.

We deliver. You excel.

Latest trends in communication and media

Mobile Video Marketing

Studies forecast that 72.6 percent of internet users will access the web solely via their mobile phones by year 2025, which will amount to nearly 3.7 billion individuals. 

It is also the primary access device for viewing videos as it is the single-entry point for internet access in many markets. It is apparent that an average consumer spends substantially more time on the phone than any other device on a daily basis.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to sell their products/solutions via mobile marketing. Mobile Video Marketing specifically has incredible reach and an unmatched interactive appeal. There are many benefits of MVM beyond being engaging, it is cost effective, with higher conversion rate and precise targeting. They use behavioural targeting techniques to direct ads to the most suitable target audience.  

Data Analytics and Public Relations

It was a difficult task to measure the results of a public relations campaign until the advent of Data Analytics. Data has proven to be a powerful tool that is steering

the management as well as MarCom directives in many organisations. Data Analytics in Public Relations can aid creating the perfect public relations strategies as well as measuring and optimising them.

The use of data analytics ascertains that businesses achieve their objectives and reach the right audiences and target market with their PR strategies. DA helps PR compose a compelling narrative and story of the brand or services and funnel it to the intended consumer via effective campaigns, whose results can be analysed and measured for further improvements and strategy sharpening. This data proves to be crucial for PR as it helps showcase the growth and reach of business with strategies that improve public image of the brand/solution. 

Continued Investment in VR and AR

Innovations in marketing have occurred in abundance, at an extremely fast pace and have been no less than revolutionary in nature. 

With greater access to advanced technology, consumers today are not easy to impress. Marketers and advertisers are experimenting with various such innovations that may excite, engage and convert the customers by providing them a higher unique marketing and purchase experience. 

Two such innovations that have made way in the process are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices. While the marketing usage of both is still in an evolving phase, these experiences are being used in quite a few ways giving customers a better experience. For example, online shopping experiences are now more augmented and help give consumers the experience of using products before buying them, through smartphone apps. Both AR and VR provide more personalised experience to each individual, elevating their online shopping experience. 

With its exceptional interactive and engaging potential, it’s apparent that the demand for AR is sky-rocketing. AR’s market size it is expected to rise to a whopping $97.76 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 48.6%.

The Rise of Social Movements

Social Movements have always been great influences and have provided platforms to voice opinions on various policies or laws.

But the rise of such and many more movements has been exponentially accelerated with the advent of internet and even more so due the active contribution of social media. 

Social media has resulted in a phenomenal acceleration in communication, recruitment, dialogue and mobilisation which are crucial for any movement.  This rapid spread of information helps social movements propagate a narrative that works to their advantage and enables protesters to directly communicate with general public. These movements can be of great use for organisations. They are capable of helping brands build their presence and reputation by speaking out on socially relevant and important topics. 

The Power of

Social media influencers with their number of followers and engagement rate have an undeniable ability to influence their audience.

There has been a recent spike in influencer engagement post pandemic. Hence, even though influencer marketing is not exactly a new phenomenon, it has gathered more attention in the recent times. 

Influencers may not have all the power but with accurate data, right planning and research they can definitely boost and benefit any brand/business on social media. A social media influencer promotes the brand’s products or services through various social media applications such as Instagram and YouTube for a reasonable cost in comparison to the reach and influence. This plays a crucial role in brands building trust with the consumer by reaching a niche market via their trusted influencer. 

Our Thoughts

Our systems are designed to set you up for success, enabling quick decision- making to significantly lower time to market for new offers and services. We help provide your customers real-time, contextual deals through different channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, and direct mail.

We are committed to building tools and systems for navigating the modern-day digital maze with transformational approaches. To that end, our team of passionate specialists derives deep behavioral insights and research to craft solutions that deliver consistent customer experience.

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