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At the core of smart governance for citizens


At the core of smart
governance for citizens

The demand for responsive platforms to facilitate interactions between people and authorities has increased tremendously. Countries try to cope with this rising expectation by creating websites and mobile apps, but it’s clearly not enough.

With digital transformation holding the key to smart administration, governments the world over clearly require processes to radically improve services, reinvent policies and deliver greater transparency.

At Areteans, we help state and federal institutions streamline different facets of digital transformation for enhanced collaboration with the public. From citizen-friendly strategies to data-driven insights, our solutions are designed to improve SLAs, reporting, and redressal of grievances.



Our team is helping law enforcement agencies and justice systems realize
the benefits of technology by driving the adoption of digital workflows. We help our partners generate new revenue, reduce costs, and improve
customer experiences through dynamic Pega capabilities.


We have set out to make public transportation easier for everyone. Our teams work with various transport agencies and partners to provide customers with an integrated solution for transit management, subsidy tracking, payments, information management, and customer service.


We make it easy for Environment Departments to streamline their tedious processes. We provide a single platform for standardized workflows that help stakeholders monitor and audit activities around the clock anywhere. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and highly intuitive.

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Latest trends in government services

Government Technology for Citizens

With the growing digitization and automation is day to day lives, individuals expect the same ease, speed and convenience in government services as well.

New technological Government solutions built on cloud and artificial intelligence provide the modernization required to iron out processes saving time and money while increasing the security. 

Digital Transformation in Government sector need to work towards focussing on Total Experience across processes and organisations within the Government to increase service delivery to citizens without service disruption. 

Data in Government Technology

Governments need to develop the technological ability and agility to catalogue, analyse and find ways to use data that is derived from the computing that

has occurred in the recent past across all Government services.  This data if utilised in an appropriate and planned manner can better the working of Government processes as well as the lives of the citizens.

Governments can use this data to improve policy, decision-making, and service delivery to the citizens by extracting useful insights that are behavioural, analytical as well as ubiquitous.

Government Technology needs to be future-ready

Government technology solutions powered by AI, Cloud and analytics have enabled the transformation and modernisation of all sectors including citizen services,

tax management, public safety and defence. Cloud solutions if implemented in a systematic manner end-to-and across processes can prove to be highly effective, cost-efficient and flexible while accomplishing more with a minimal budget. 

Technological innovations and digital initiatives taken by Government can prove to be pivotal in accelerating future-ready capabilities and delivering the new citizen demands and expectations.  

Interoperability in Government Technology

Interoperability across organisations is essential in Governments to share information amongst each other in terms of data, systems and processes,

 to achieve common goals and higher efficiency. While keeping pace with technology helps improve the service outcomes, interoperability in the government framework provides one-stop comprehensive services to citizens and businesses.

Added to advantages of better services, the flow of information across government organisations and between government and citizens also increases transparency and accountability. 

Security is crucial in Government Technology

A very strong cybersecurity strategy is binding for an efficient Government Technology infrastructure. Cyber criminals target to steal information and money, and in the process damage

and interrupt the delivery of crucial public services. Cybercriminals, often attack public sector technology. Most of the incidents include viruses, Trojan horses, phishing, unauthorized access, and control system attacks.

Government systems increasingly work on cloud and virtualized infrastructure, hence cloud security is an integral aspect of cyber safety. To protect privacy and fight the cyber attacks it is imminent for Government to resort to effective and essential cyber security tools. 

Government Technology Connects

With the fast-growing advancement in communications and technology citizens’ expectations for digitally enabled public services is growing by the day. 

Citizens are more connected now than ever with the government and its functioning, with information and services being just a touch away. Governments need to understand the psyche of various citizen groups and their response to the pacing growth of Government Technology and digitization. 

Depending on access to technology or lack of, there is a risk of a large sector of population being left out of this transformation. Hence agile and innovative policymaking, inclusive digitalization, responsible use of data, and public participation and engagement become the priority of the Government to assure secure connectivity on a larger scale. 

Our Thoughts

Our team enables cloud-first strategies to automate complex processes across public and independent government sectors, including legal, energy, and transportation. Through years of domain expertise and machine learning, we eliminate legacy system redundancies to pave the way for consistent and cost-effective customer self-service functions.

In a post-pandemic world, it is important to be at the top of your game to provide timely information and aid to citizens. We work towards discarding manual bureaucratic roadblocks between intra-department systems for secure and integrated communication, paving the way for good governance.

Our Leaders

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Executive Vice President,

Jatin Patel

Senior Vice President & Regional Head of Europe

Gaurav Saxena

Assistant Vice President – Digital Transformation

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Senior Director – Delivery and Customer Success