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Areteans works with various state & federal governments, to deliver Digital Transformation and Automation, reduce wastage, & improve inefficiencies in the service delivery model.


We at Areteans, are working with various government agencies/departments:


Digitization is the vision for Justice Departments globally. We, as an organization, are working with our partners to bring paperless case workflow management to various initiatives across these departments, or as per ministerial mandates. Harnessing the power of Pega, we are delivering AI Driven, Omni-Channel Service, along with Operational Excellence.


We are working with various Transport Agencies along with our Partners, to provide Transit Management, Subsidy Tracking, Payments, Information management and Customer Service solutions.


Supporting the Environment Departments to succeed and do their work more efficiently, by delivering service standardization. We are working to deliver solutions to manage multitude of processes on a single unified platform, so that stakeholders can track and audit activities in their office, out in the field, or in centralized ops centers.

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