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Hello humans!

Your careless attitude towards sustainability is spilling into my territory. Could you please keep a check on things?

Hello humans!

Your careless attitude towards
sustainability is spilling into
my territory. Could you please
keep a check on things?

What is CZERO?

CZERO is a dynamic, AI-powered application that will change the way you think about your journey. By mindfully identifying and categorizing the impact of your business, we seek to engage you in planetary stewardship.

It’s our responsibility to put our green foot forward to help this planet recover from its rapid depletion. CZERO is here to help you achieve carbon-neutral goals.

CZERO provides a clear picture of the actual processes, activities, and resources that directly contribute to your organization’s carbon emission, either positively or negatively, and

  • Industry-standard emission calculators
  • Energy efficiency finder
  • Efficient route mapping
  • Rules driven improvement suggestions
  • Next best action advisor to recommend improvements
  • Extendable endpoints for emission data collection

Our CZERO application goes beyond any tracker by providing a guided path to help your company reduce emissions.

Our race to achieve
zero emissions is on

How does CZERO work?

Why CZERO application?

CZERO uses Pega’s BPM Workflow to enable organizations to define their carbon neutral goal and capture steps to achieve it.

Calculate Emissions

Capture Emission Drivers for each Entity

Monitor and

Dynamic reduction actions

What are the capabilities of the CZERO application?

CZERO uses Pega’s BPM Workflow to enable organizations to define their carbon neutral goal and capture steps to achieve it.

Capture Emission Drivers for each Entity

Calculate Emissions

Dynamic reduction actions

Monitor and

We help you achieve carbon-neutral goals


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Frequently Asked Question

What are the advantages of the CZERO approach?

The CZERO application offers several advantages. It accurately identifies the end-to-end emissions produced during a journey, guiding you through the capture process and empowering you to take proactive emission reduction actions using dynamic case management. By tracking emissions in real-time, CZERO allows you to capture emissions proactively rather than retrospectively at the end of the year. Its platform-based approach enables you to build a sustainable platform that caters to your current needs and future requirements.

How is CZERO better than our current DIY approach?

While current approaches and tools in the market focus on calculating and reporting emissions, CZERO goes a step further. It not only provides calculation and reporting capabilities but also allows you to embed it within your actual emission creation journeys. This automation streamlines end-to-end data capture and reporting, reducing the operational burden of carbon reporting. CZERO enables precise emissions tracking, compliance with greenhouse gas protocols, and the establishment of a repeatable quarterly process for measuring results.

Why should we switch from our current industry-leading solution?

Current tools in the market may serve their purpose, but they often lack long-term support for organizations in their Net Zero journey. To achieve accurate emission assessment and reporting, organizations typically require multiple environmental data platforms and carbon accounting software. These fragmented solutions increase the risk of data inaccuracy throughout the chain. CZERO eliminates these bottlenecks by providing one comprehensive platform to accurately capture emissions at their source, create real-time reports, and generate dashboards—all within a single platform.

How long and how much does it take to implement CZERO?

CZERO is a fully integrated platform that ensures quick delivery and functionality with a proven implementation methodology. Leveraging a low-code approach and out-of-the-box connectors for offsetting and country-based/global emission factors, CZERO accelerates return on investment (ROI) while adapting to the dynamic sustainability and Net Zero goals of your organization. Implementation timelines may vary depending on the operational maturity and specific requirements of each organization.

Why should we choose Areteans for this solution?

Areteans is a 100% pure play Pega partner with a strong, long-standing relationship with Pega. We have deep domain expertise in the sustainability field, having successfully implemented several Pega service implementations for marquee customers across various verticals. By choosing Areteans, you benefit from our dedicated "A" team, which includes core engagement and consulting teams, along with Pega-certified testing consultants with global industry experience. Our strong Pega engineering skills, integration capabilities, and execution excellence through the Pega Express Methodology ensure successful implementation, upgrades, and migrations.

What are your credentials and expertise?

Areteans, along with its partner organizations, brings a wealth of experience, best practices, and a wide range of assets to help organizations implement sustainability solutions effectively. By working as your partner, we offer distinct advantages, including an expert talent pool, a consulting team, strong Pega engineering skills, excellent integration capabilities, and a commitment to execution excellence. We leverage Pega Express Methodology and dedicated Pega Development Centres to handle scale and ensure high-quality delivery.

Can we do a trial, POC, RFI, or RFP?

Yes, we would be delighted to discuss and explore the possibilities of conducting a trial, proof of concept (POC), request for information (RFI), or request for proposal (RFP). Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to provide further information and collaborate with you.

Can CZERO be run on-premises?

Yes, CZERO can be deployed and run on-premises, offering flexibility based on your organization's specific requirements.

Do we have to report on ESG?

Yes, reporting on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors is becoming increasingly important for organizations worldwide. Regulatory authorities, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US and the SFDR regulation in the EU, require public companies to disclose climate data and other sustainability metrics alongside financial results. Beyond regulatory compliance, carbon accounting and reporting play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, staying resilient against risks, and unlocking competitive advantages.

We don't have a carbon offset problem.

While not having a carbon offset problem is commendable, understanding your emissions and identifying areas with the highest emissions is essential for organizations striving to achieve their net-zero goals. CZERO provides reliable carbon tracking capabilities, allowing you to take corrective measures and optimize your carbon footprint for the future. It also offers built-in and reliable carbon offsetting options if needed.

Our auditors have certified our approach.

While it's important to have auditors certify your approach, regulatory requirements and best practices evolve over time. CZERO aims to support organizations in their Net Zero approach, providing not only current carbon auditing capabilities but also a future-proof solution that adapts to changing regulations and ensures long-term compliance.

We aren't prepared for the cost. The cost is too high, and similar concerns.

The cost of CZERO is comparable to similar technologies in the market. By adopting CZERO, you eliminate the need to invest separately in a data platform for aggregating emissions and another platform for reporting. Built on the award-winning Pega platform, CZERO equips organizations with a powerful tool to address complex digital transformation challenges while delivering long-term value.

Our risk insurance provides all the safety we need.

While risk insurance plays a crucial role in providing safety, sustainability reporting is an essential component of risk assessment for regulatory compliance. Financial disclosures often require information on an organization's sustainability risks, and insurance companies consider these factors when providing appropriate coverage.

This isn't a priority, not the right time to discuss this, and similar concerns.

Investing in a sustainability platform is crucial now more than ever. Major countries worldwide have passed regulations regarding Net Zero and sustainability, and non-compliance can lead to higher costs for organizations. By acting proactively and adopting a sustainability solution like CZERO, you can stay ahead of regulatory requirements, minimize risks, and capitalize on the benefits of sustainable practices.

Who else is using your solution?

We are in discussions with various organizations globally, constantly evaluating and refining our software through these conversations. We prioritize our customers' confidentiality and respect their privacy. Rest assured, our ongoing interactions contribute to the improvement and enhancement of our solution.

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Excel and emails don’t make it easy for you to keep tabs on business operations. They also limit your productivity while increasing cost and effort. 

John Doe


“Areteans stepped in at the right time when we needed to upgrade our technology and process infrastructure. The team worked seamlessly with us to deploy robust technology and build a unified portal to manage our operations, even in the difficult times of the pandemic.”
Parthasarathi Chakraborty
Vice President, ITGI

Excel and emails don’t make it easy for you to keep tabs on business operations. They also limit your productivity while increasing cost and effort. 

John Doe


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Our dynamic case management approach helps you gather accurate data from various sources and stakeholders. It then efficiently calculates emission and gives you end-to-end visibility of the complete process.All the graphs and reports you receive help monitor the current status of your carbon emission and help you take necessary actions.The Next Best Action for Carbon Reduction feature can be used to automate decisions and improve the process of reducing emission. Programmed to handle it all, the CZERO platform future-proofs businesses for the ever-changing regulations and requirements, enabling you in your journey to be carbon neutral. 

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