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Collaborate: The best way to
achieve our goals

2021-09-07 | Management

When we work together, we create magic. Our results exceed anything we could have done ourselves. We are also more creative, productive, communicative, and engaged.

This is why our second pillar, Collaborate, is so important. We pride ourselves on Areteans’ cohesive culture, and we are eager to continue nurturing this environment.

A team-oriented atmosphere is usually warm, encouraging, and empowering. You want the best for your colleagues and they want the best for you. Here are some ways to inculcate ‘Collaborate’ as a practice.

Appreciating everyone’s unique strengths

Every single one of you has unique perspectives, skills, and proficiencies. We believe in appreciating and leveraging these strengths.

Celebrate the capabilities of your colleagues, whether it’s through public appreciation or a one-on-one meeting. Connect these strengths to the Areteans’ vision and mission.

Research validates that recognition is one of the most influential factors of employee satisfaction. Never hesitate to let someone know they’re doing well!

Inculcating team spirit to achieve our goals

In our opinion, developing team spirit means understanding your personal targets and responsibilities without working in silos.

Ask colleagues for their inputs on your work and vice versa. Use brainstorming sessions to solve problems. Share educational resources with one another. Conduct fun learning sessions on a rotational basis.

Use team meetings as a collaborative tool at your disposal. You can always use another opinion.

Create a supportive community

Areteans recognises the diversity of our people. We seek to learn from each one of you, and we implore you to do the same.

Workplace friendships can be deeply rewarding. Get to know your colleagues beyond their titles. Uplift each other by celebrating professional and personal successes

We end this with a challenge for all of you. Pick one habit that will help you be more collaborative. This could be asking for help more often, requesting feedback, praising colleagues, or participating in meetings. Implement this for one month and note the difference. You’ll be inspired by the change you see.

“Working together towards common goals”