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The emergence of online gaming and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic presented serious challenges to the traditional gaming industry comprising brick-and-mortar casinos. However, casinos are not only seeing a revival but are expected to experience significant growth propelled by factors such as the increased spending capability of customers, the addition of new customer segments (in recent years, gaming has become popular among women), and a rise in the legalization of the industry in many parts of the world. In order to capitalize on the opportunity and ensure their relevance and competitiveness, casinos have to reimagine themselves and their operations. 

Delivering customer delight with loyalty programs,
meaningful experiences, and intelligent customer service

As in any industry, customer experience is crucial in the gaming industry. Customer retention strategies and excellent customer service make for exceptional customer experience and can give casinos a competitive advantage and maximize long-term profits. The market for customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in this industry was valued at USD 1.12 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 1.68 billion by 2026. Casinos that leverage CRM solutions based on emerging technologies and tailored to their unique needs will have the potential to meet and exceed customer expectations and drive profitability.

CRM solutions driven by artificial intelligence can transform the customer retention strategies of casinos, with loyalty programs and one-on-one personalized customer experiences. These CRM solutions can enable casinos to gather information about players from various touch points, real-time and historic behavior during games, and their preferences. Casinos can use this information to create robust loyalty programs, which are effective in retaining high-value players. For instance, if a player prefers to play slots, offering them free credits is more relevant than giving them a table games offer. Customers who regularly visit destination casinos can also be offered discounted room rates or an additional day’s stay free of charge.

Harnessing the power of customer data
can be a game-changer in the industry

For instance, casino operators can use it to create a detailed profile of every customer based on strategic insights derived from the billions of signals that customers generate. These profiles can be used to craft meaningful experiences such as offering tailored bonus rewards and up-selling or cross-selling items that a particular customer is most likely to buy rather than trying to sell everything.

Advanced analytics provided by these CRM solutions enable targeted promotions, personalized offers at scale, and tailored communication. With access to real-time player activity and behavior, and customers’ onsite preferences, casinos can leverage real-time decisioning to adjust bets limits, provide table offerings, manage staff placement, and enhance customer service, all in a few seconds, ensuring players are provided an optimal gaming experience.

Creating an environment where customers feel valued is the essence of customer service, and AI algorithms can contribute to making their gaming experience more meaningful. They can track customer behavior, their playing records, and the time at which they visit amenities, among other things. Based on this data, casinos can make proactive, personalized offers such as access to special events to customers on a losing streak, send attendants to the floor to explain game rules, servers to deliver drinks and food, and support staff who can assist with machine glitches. With AI-powered analytics, casinos will be able to maintain the right balance of hospitality and efficiency, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Areteans' Pega solution reduces
customer response times significantly

Leveraging Pega’s powerful technology stack, Areteans specializes in offering customized CRM and real-time decisioning solutions to the gaming industry. These solutions enable casinos to seamlessly integrate customer data, automate and streamline end-to-end operations, and deliver 1:1 customer experiences that captivate and retain players. 

We empowered a leading casino to address challenges relating to customer retention. Based on a joint analysis, the teams from the casino and Areteans identified that sub-optimal customer service was the main reason for losing customers. The wait times for query resolution were long, and there was a lack of proacxtive action in terms of offers and recommendations. We worked closely with the team at the casino to design and implement a custom AI-powered CRM solution embedded with capabilities such as automated workflow management, advanced analytics and real-time decisioning. It resulted in a significant reduction in customer response times and improved customer retention rates.