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Digital innovation and technology advances are reshaping the very fabric of business operations, offerings, customer experiences, and partnerships. To remain at the forefront of value creation, forward-thinking enterprises need to transform their business by rethinking applications, data, and infrastructure – the pillars of digital transformation. How can this be achieved?

The answer lies in modernization. Imagine seamlessly integrating with cutting-edge technologies like API-driven systems and microservices architecture, reducing technical debt, and effortlessly deploying in distributed computing environments.

Areteans can empower you to do that and more! We can modernize your system such that you minimize technical debt, enjoy enhanced security measures, and satisfy the most stringent regulations.

In our approach to modernization, we develop a future-proof foundation of cutting-edge digital systems that facilitate innovation and foster collaboration. Leveraging modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big data, analytics, cloud and more, we empower enterprises to stay ahead of the curve by enhancing decision-making, reducing costs, and unlocking the full potential of their business.

How does Areteans approach modernization?

Modernization is beyond the upgrade of existing systems or a direct solution replacement. A mere upgrade may not unlock real business value. Replacing an existing system can hurt business continuity. It can also be an expensive proposition. So, how does one modernize?

Areteans can simplify and accelerate the modernization journey for enterprises. We can develop a truly future-proof platform that is agile and scalable and offers end-to-end automation and intelligent decisioning through low-code or no-code development.

We can help you become resilient, responsive, and relevant by modernizing your legacy IT landscape by using one or more of the following methods –

Rise beyond upgrade

What if filing taxes were as convenient as online shopping, with returns processed in minutes? What if a notification of a life event like a new birth can trigger all appropriate processes like birth registration, benefits, healthcare etc.

We can make a generation shift in your IT systems by upgrading to the latest Pega offerings that can leverage next-gen technology to implement enhancements, security fixes, and performance improvements that make your applications faster, more intelligent, and more scalable, thereby delivering enhanced ROI.

Replatform to the cloud

As a potential customer clicks through a retailer’s site, the retailer needs analytics capabilities to keep pace with each visitor’s searches, clicks, and interests. To deliver real-time personalization to every prospect, the platform must constantly capture and process millions of data points at speed. Only a cloud-based infrastructure with flexible storage resources and compute power can deliver this effectively.

Our team of technology and business experts can replatform applications to the Pega cloud or the cloud of your choice. Simply rehosting applications in the cloud may resolve some technical debt issues and cut some costs. But, to truly maximize the value of the new environment, we can help you modernize your application for the cloud. With detailed discovery workshops to understand your business requirements, we map

them to enhancements and features. We then implement them using the latest technology, ensuring the guardrail score remains high.

With the Pega cloud-first approach, we can empower you to leverage the advantages such as service abstraction, containerization, and isolation that can improve cost-effectiveness, scalability, and upgradability and make you future-ready.

Reimagine legacy

We can also renew applications by refactoring code and rewriting code as per business demands. For example, customers of insurance companies expect swift digital payments, hassle-free electronic claim filing, and responses to their queries in minutes, if not seconds. Typically, insurance companies have legacy data, a myriad of high-value applications, and stringent regulations to adhere to. We can fine-tune yourapplications by infusing them with the latest innovations and advancements. For example, by implementing the perfect API layer, we can deliver these functionalities at scale, significantlyelevating the customer experience while

maintaining the highest security and governance standards.

Experience a custom modernization solution designed for your unique business needs and digital maturity. Areteans can craft a comprehensive modernization strategy encompassing one or more of these methods so you can derive incremental benefits rapidly and propel your business forward with confidence.

Take the leap to transformation with Areteans. Connect with us to discover our value-driven strategy for modernization. With a combination of cutting-edge technology, unrivaled expertise, and best-in-class processes, we make your enterprise digitally smarter and incredibly agile. Beyond that, we facilitate continuous innovation to unlock untapped business value at every turn.