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Navigating Digital Transformation:
How Pega Blueprint Empowers Businesses to Excel

Suman Chakraborty

Associate Director – Business Architect

Progressive businesses these days are in various stages of their digital transformation journey and few common questions being asked by them are-

  • How easily can I conceptualize a digital solution for my business case?
  • How do I ensure that it’s the most efficient process and best in market?
  •  In order to achieve the above two, do I need a lot of preparation on my end?
  • How do I address the uncertainty within a certain area of the process?
  • How best can I resolve conflicting process ideas (if they exist) within my internal stakeholder community?
  • How can I ensure I am engaging the right personas in my to-be process?
  • How fast I can roll out the solution to my end customers?

With the objective of answering the questions above and a more collaborative and assisted DCO (Direct capture of objectives) in mind, Pega has launched a Gen AI powered tool called Pega Blueprint, which is a game changing solution enabling businesses to better understand how Pega can help clients achieve the gold standard in their journey of digital transformation. By starting the Discovery process with Pega Blueprint, the tool auto generates the industry standard best workflows, stages, steps, personas, data entities for your business case and helps you to configure as per your need, and all this with just a few business data inputs in the form of text.

This is just a start to a whole new way of enterprise solution building using LCNC (Low Code No Code) platforms like Pega, where it does not restrict your flexibility like a COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf) offering but at the same time, do not make you re-invent the wheel by sharing the entire industry knowledge mine to help you reap the maximum benefit for your specific business objective.

Please visit Areteans (a Credera Company) at PegaWorld iNspire from 9-11 June, MGM Grand, Las Vegas at booth 18 to discover how we have leveraged Pega Blueprint for several clients and the benefits we have realized in the process.