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Finance Operations Application

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

Finance Operations project is a web based Global application that will be used by all Client’s Account holders to Initiate Payment Request that do not come through regular SAP process. Payment Request will be able to handle all the Request Types. 1. Urgent/Manual 2. Down Payment/Advance 3. One Time Payment 4.Non-Urgent/Manual

Project Challenges

  • Client’s Finance team is currently using Microsoft SharePoint to manage manual payment process for Invoice based documents. The current system has a  number of limitations like, 
  • Including lack of duplicate invoice check
  • Email notification & email approval
  • Performance issues (due to high volume constraint)
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Audit requirement to make the application as KFAS system

Project Solution

  • Pega Case Management to process Payment requests End to End
  • Enable users with SSO Login and Onboarding all Client’s Account holders which can be used by other  applications like Procurement, IFRS; Creation of on-the-fly Operators during the Request Processing
  • Supporting Localization requirements like dynamic flows, approvers, access control, Decimal separator, delegations based on configurations in delegated rules; Multiple languages(5)  based on user browser settings.
  • Automated Email Correspondence during task assignment , email approvals and reminders on SLA Adherence

Tools & Technologies

    • The project was built using Pega Case Management


  • Application can handle high volume of requests (more than 5k+) unlike existing Share Point application where the requests were required to be archived in regular intervals.
  • Duplicate Invoice check validation for the requests
  • Email notifications and email approvals where the existing Share point application had limitations in sending email notifications
  • Enabling the Finance Ops as KFAS applications by incorporating Audit related requirements
  • Enabling automatic Request’s reassignments based on  updates to Approvers in the data tables
  • More intuitive UI with features like Case 360 view, capturing Invoice Inline details, Case Stages Chevron