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Last Mile – Second Time Right Delivery

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

The entire project catered to mitigate the Out of Stock (OOS) Risk involved in the Supply Chain operation. Most of the tasks involved in the process, Logistics Tracking , Stock Availability Checks are undertaken manually by the teams primarily with the help of emails and using MS Excel, there are underlying challenges faced by the teams due to the lack of a streamlined IT system being in place.

Project Challenges

  • No Streamlined Process to mitigate the Out-of-Stock Risk.
  • No Centralized system to provide up-to-date information to all stakeholders ; Lack of Visibility on status of logistics , shipment.
  • Tedious Task of Single-Person maintaining excel sheet with critical information .
  • Co-ordination , Follow-up require humungous efforts from every stakeholder , with Emails , Phone calls to follow-up , submit requests , leading to delay in throughput.
  • Not deriving best out of the enterprise systems as current manual process is disintegrated with Tools.
  • Learning from Historical Data and Experience does not translate to real-time solution.

Project Solution

  • Pega Case Management to Receive and Process Risk Alerts on Out of Stock .
  • 3-Level Case Hierarchy by grouping the mitigation activities for a Plant , Material and tracking the stock requests to each plant.
  • Enable users to take informed decision by providing Stock Availability Information from ECC.
  • Automated updates of Stock Transfer Document details from ECC.
  • Presentation of Metrics on Dashboard , with drill-down reporting option.
  • Automated Email Correspondence during task assignment and reminders on SLA Adherence.

Tools & Technologies

  • The project was built using Pega Case Management, SAP-ECC and aATP Module.


  • Mitigation Process is Streamlined right from Receiving Request to Delivery to Warehouse , with necessary approvals in place; Seamless flow of information across parties.
  • Ensures adherence to process and quick resolution and puts an end to manual follow-ups. 
  • Simplified User journeys – enabling quick adaptability and understanding of tasks ; Equal visibility on the status and information.
  • Configurable Email Templates enable faster communication ; Communication Alerts ensure complete attention transforming to necessary actions. 
  • Dashboard Reporting Transmits Information with clear purpose , provides visibility on performance.