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Pegasus - Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) - R&D

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

SEAC (Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre) is a team of industry-leading safety and environmental sustainability scientists. It’s a part of the R&D division overseeing the safety of products on various aspects of toxicity such as Human Tox, Eco Tox, Occupational, Sustainability etc. Pegasus is a system that will provide Workflow and Automation Solutions to SEAC’s key processes. Pegasus will capture and automate key processes related to various Risk Assessments (Occupational Risk Assessment, Physical Hazard Risk Assessment), Document Approvals and their publications, SEAC Properties Store, Program Element and Project.

Project Challenges

  • Eye straining & laborious process involved in manually managing elements of work-flows involved in SEAC activities like Document Approvals and Publishing, various kinds of Risk Assessments and creating, sponsoring and tracking internal and external works and related budget management and reporting. 
  • Discreet disconnected swivel chaired systems to be looked up. SIR, SPS, Sharepoint, LIMS, DataLab.
  • Tedious manual search process, due to absence of a smart system of records.

Project Solution

  • Build a data model to store the data entities associated with a case.
  • Create user interfaces for users to interact with the data.
  • Enables automation, including validation rules, dynamic routing and orchestrating data exchange with various systems of record.
  • Enables Versioning of applications and rulesets.

Tools & Technologies

      • Pegasus application built on Pega (Pega Platform 8.4.3) Case Management which is replacing a legacy system “iSeek” introducing a BPM backbone and as a system of records.


    • Enhanced user experience via an Intuitive system
    • Eliminating user dependencies through process automation
    • Automated e-mail correspondence to reduce manual follow-ups and ensures timely action
    • Cloud storage guarantees year-round availability and almost zero downtime.
    • Dashboard implementation has improved visibility of the various types of cases raised across the application along with the updated status