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The Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprint in over 190 countries and with over 400 household name brands.

The Pega Procurement Application serves as a console for the Procurement team to effectively manage their Contracts and High-Risk Materials. The application consists of the Contract Board Governance, Commercial Playbook and Resilience Action Tracker modules.

Project Challenges

  • The process to identify the applicable legal clauses for a contract is manual and time consuming.
  • The process to create and execute mitigating action plans for the high-risk materials is manual and inefficient .
  • Less visibility into the status of action plans.
  • Contract Governance process is manual and inefficient.

Project Solution

  • This program involved transitioning from inefficient ways of working using MS Planner, Excel, Outlook etc. onto the Pega Platform which would serve as the strategic platform for workflow management.
  • Joint Discovery Workshop was conducted with Business Stakeholders to define the scope, brainstorm and model the To-Be state process flow diagrams.
  • Areteans team recommended a single application stack for easy maintainability, reusability and seamless communication between the different modules.
  • Streamlined Case Lifecycle of Contract Board Governance, Commercial Playbook and Resilience Action Tracker.
  • Presentation of Metrics on Dashboard, with drill-down reporting option.
  • Automated Email Correspondence during task assignment and reminders on SLA Adherence.

Tools & Technologies

  • The application was built using Pega Case Management module


  • Delegated key and frequently changing business rules to the Business Admin persona, bringing in saving ~3 man-days of effort per request.
  • System recommends the relevant legal clauses for a contract based on the answers selected to a Questionnaire (Pega Survey) thereby reducing scope for errors.
  • Improved process visibility throughout the Resilience Action Tracker lifecycle.
  • Timely email notifications to Users regarding the case status after completing important milestones & email reminders to complete pending tasks.
  • Ability to send contract governance meeting invites in real time with no manual intervention required.
  • Ability to generate PDF document with final contract details to support users to create contracts in Contract Management System.