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Automated Repacking Solution for a Leading Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprints in over 190 countries and over 400 household name brands.

The entire project centered around complete process automation of Repacking of Customer’s Products, implemented for Netherlands and Benelux regions. Complete Repack process with automatic calculations and effective forecast reports covered in the application with confirmation emails sent out of the system. Multiple users can work on the application with user roles and access clearly defined.

Project Challenges

  • Challenging process of manual work for multiple users using spreadsheets to perform their tasks individually with no visibility on process flow.
  • All the users associated would internally share these spreadsheets and data with each other which was a delayed and tedious process.
    Manual calculations leading to increased chances of errors and incorrect forecasting of Repack Products.
  • Delay in completion and confirmation process for the intended task of repack of the products.
  • Manual intervention to load and dump SAP data.

Project Solution

  • Solution was envisioned and executed to have 1 core module developed on Pega. All the tasks performed by different set of users were covered in the Application.
  • Areteans team spearheading the Pega module which forms the face of the application providing process visibility, control and business rule validation. Areteans Team leveraged Pega 8.1 case management framework to manage the Repack process and incorporating business validation.
  • The solution allows to track the project process/requests for repack with clear team responsibility.
  • Automatic calculations across the application wherever intended as per the process and incorporation of forecast reports and tracking reports for accurate and uncomplicated tasks.
  • Repack Application Integration with SAP so data can be loaded and dumped automatically without manual intervention

Tools & Technologies

  • The project was built using Pega Case Management.


Quantified benefits

  • 15 minutes reduced time per repack case request- With automations and uniform process flows.
  • 30 minutes per week of time saved for MTRO users – With implementation of Switch reports and Alerts and validations in the application.

Qualitative benefits

  • Higher quality of data provided by MTRO, lesser inconsistency between the systems (PEGA/SAP).
  • Process Visibility and Control through Timely Notification.