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What is CZERO? 

The CZERO application identifies the end-to-end emissions produced from a particular journey, guiding you through the capture process to reduce emissions actions using the power of dynamic case management and powerful AI.  

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Our race to achieve zero emissions is on. This planet is trying to recoup from its rapidly depleting glory and it is our responsibility to put our green foot forward. CZERO is here to help you achieve your carbon-neutral goals.

How does CZERO work?

Unique Features of CZERO

The benefits of CZERO application includes specific insights into the actual processes, activities and resources that directly contribute, positively or negatively, to the carbon emission of an organization, plus:

  • Industry standard emission calculators
  • Energy efficiency finder
  • Efficient route mapping
  • Rules driven Improvement suggestions
  • Next best action advisor to recommend improvements
  • Extendable Endpoints for emission data collection

CZERO application goes further than any tracker by helping your organization through a guided journey to reduce emissions.

What are the capabilities of the CZERO application?

CZERO uses Pega’s BPM Workflow to enable organizations to define their carbon neutral goal and capture steps to achieve it.

Capture Emission Drivers for each Entity

Calculate Emissions

Dynamic reduction actions

Monitor and

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Dynamic case management approach helps to gather accurate data from various sources and stakeholders leading to efficient calculation and ultimately providing an end-to-end visibility of the complete process.

Graphs and Reports help to monitor the current status and take necessary actions, Next Best Action for Carbon Reduction can be used to automate decisions to improve the process and thus the emissions 

CZERO future proofs businesses for the ever-changing regulations and requirements towards becoming carbon neutral. 

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