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Risk Assessment

The Business Issue

The client is global leader in consumer goods with headquarter in London. Since long time the R&D department of the client had been relying on manual tasks like document approvals and publishing various kinds of risk assessments. The team of scientists responsible for the safety of products in various aspects of toxicity such as human toxicity, Ecosystem toxicity, occupational toxicity etc. and to assess the risk accurately requires consolidation of data and communication among team members very closely. But the legacy systems were making the process eye straining and laborious which impacted the productivity of the resources.

Another challenge of the R&D department of the client was tedious manual search for guidelines, information. Due to absence of systematic design of records, the users must take the pain to look for the details over multiple systems. This process was inefficient and time consuming.

The Solution

Highly experienced team of Areteans, built the risk assessment solution to meet their requirement and seamlessly integrated with all systems.  The team automated the E2E workflow, including validation rules, dynamic routing, and orchestrating data exchange with various system of records. Designed a well-structure data model to store the associated entities of the research case. Intuitive User interfaces simplified the task completion for the scientists and team.

The Result

The major focus of the R&D team was moving to new platform for streamlining the process and consolidate the data in one place. Transformation from traditional style of spreadsheet analysis – document search, to Insightful data visualization reports and personalized dashboard benefitted every team & its member. This helped leaders to have greater visibility into the projects, enabling them to make informed decisions. Some major value adds to the clients are: 

  • Enhanced end-to-end experience via an Intuitive system
  • Eliminating manual dependencies through process automation
  • Automated e-mail correspondence to reduce manual follow-ups and ensures timely action
  • Cloud storage guarantees year-round availability and near-zero downtime.