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Department of Justice and Online Registry


  • The existing ORW solution consists of 40 online forms that allow the various parties in court and tribunal matters to lodge documents for consideration in a matter before a court or tribunal. Examples include Court Attendance Notices, Notices of Motion, Statements of claims, Affidavits, and subpoenas.
  • Multiple IT solutions driving existing capability – TCO is high, limited flexibility and end of life
  • Disparate online engagement or no digital interaction for some business areas – inconsistent “customer” experience
  • Lack of coherent and consistent insight across the business


  • Improve productivity by automating work allocation and eliminating double handling of manual checks and tasks in the mechanism for lodgement of forms for court and tribunal matters.
  • Produce a modern, scalable and simplified solution to support the organization’s amalgamation and the future standardization of other processes
  • Create a standardized and unified user experience to drive interactions 
  • Drive a low TCO through a simplified technology solution (unified), supported by the department


Areteans was engaged to meet the energy regulatory requirements set out by the Victorian government. We used Pega to design a solution that not only fulfilled a licensing regime but also helped promote safety at the workplace and in the community as a whole. 

Because of our expedited delivery, the client’s licensing team was able to get a headstart and complete assessment of 25% of the applications ahead of schedule. In addition, we also cut down costs by using Pega Mash-up to enable the web forms for application lodgement.

Key Integrations

  • Pega Infinity v 8.4.1
  • Pega Government Platform v 8.4


  • Increases agility to drive change and process refinements
  • Seamlessly integrates business process and content management
  • Delivers an integrated, seamless, and complete user experience to end users.
  • Delivers the ORW forms capability within a rules-based, model-driven platform that allows for reuse across future CaTS and DoJ solutions.
  • Introduces business reporting capability across the sites and assets.