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Customer Info suite

Customer Info Suite is an all-encompassing solution designed to simplify customer onboarding and enable real-time management of customer data across multiple channels. It features a streamlined approach to customer data collection, allowing users to capture customer information quickly and accurately, while also providing powerful tools to store, access, and update customer data across connected applications and devices. With this omnichannel solution, businesses can ensure customer data is up-to-date and secure, all from a single platform.


  • Centralized database of Customer Master Data
  • End-to-end integrated process anchored by Pega
  • Create and modify hundreds of customers in one go using Mass operations
  • Dynamic business rules framework which validates customer attributes. The validation rules are completely data-driven and configured quickly by the user

The Customer Info Suite Solution enhances your business by intelligently managing customer discrepancies through D&B integration. It offers a consolidated view of all Syndicated and Failed Customers, guaranteeing timely syndication of customer information to improve overall efficiency.

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Customer Portal

Customer Portal is an omnichannel solution designed to handle any queries related to customer orders. Through this solution, customers can make changes to their order details in real-time and access information regarding order and shipment status. This provides customers with the convenience of being able to make changes to their orders without needing to contact customer service, allowing for faster, easier resolution of issues. Additionally, the Customer Portal is designed to be accessible across multiple channels, making it accessible to customers regardless of their device or location. All of these features combined make the Customer Portal a powerful tool in providing customers with the best possible experience.


  • Request for documents like invoices or proof of delivery 
  • Get delay information via notification
  • Communication related to out-of-stock and faulty orders 
  • Real-time Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • Advanced Global search for finding order details

The Customer Portal is an efficient platform that intelligently handles customer queries and notifies them about stock-out information. With an 80% reduction in queries raised to customer-facing specialists, the Customer Portal enables your team to focus on other critical tasks.