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Quick, seamless insurance service with centralised customer platform

A leading life insurance specialist in Australia — with more than 150 years of experience — protects over 4.5 million citizens by offering policies directly to customers and via licensed financial advisors. 


  • Lack of integration of mailboxes with workflow and current systems 
  • High volume of work routed manually to internal teams without action 
  • Absence of upstream validation of requests due to system constraints 
  • Disconnected systems used for end-to-end work processes 
  • Lack of inbuilt reporting insights and metrics systems 
  • Legacy platforms for non-underwriting alterations and strategic workflow management 


  • Streamlined customer records processes by implementation of Pega CSI platform 
  • Centralized customer service platform to reduce turnaround time
  • Built routing and SLA frameworks allowing different teams to customize workflows 
  • Supported key outcomes such as complaints, escalations, and diarise by leveraging Pega Customer Service OOTB capabilities
  • Coalesced all teams on a single platform with rapid solution delivery and minimal integration of other processes 
  • Leveraged Pega CSI built on top of Akuna Solutions to allow re-usage of policy and life workflows for future alteration 


Areteans leveraged Pega’s CSI application to address the insurance company’s business-critical problems. We overcame channel limitations and workflow challenges by building a comprehensive system for effective results.

 We minimized turnaround time by offering a unified solution to meet the needs of end-users — a testament to Areteans’ strategy of co-innovating with partners. Our collaborative efforts enhanced value with quick turnaround time.


  • Onboarded 180+ users across 15 teams 
  • Offsetted technical debt by minimizing high-usage Suncorp Legacy systems 
  • Consolidated customer functions into a single strategic application 
  • Reduced manual handoff by auto-ingesting 19 mailboxes with intelligent routing 
  • Offered consistent and easily extendible solutions across business units