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Credera kickstarts its operations in India

Hyderabad, April 2022: Justin Bell, Global Executive Officer & President, Credera visited India to officially kickstart the operations division in the country. Credera is a global, boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, transformation, data, and technology.

Credera started its inorganic expansion in India by investing in Areteans in 2021, TA Digital earlier this year and is now officially expanding its horizons by starting operations in India as well as further acquisitions.

Together, Credera, Areteans, TA Digital and the broader Credera network companies provide a comprehensive strategy for creating meaningful experiences for the clients’ customers. As a part of Credera’s growth strategy, they seek to invest in organizations that enhance digital transformation and customer experience. Areteans is the largest pure-play Pega Global Elite partner that brings its exclusive Pega capabilities as part of the larger strategy.

Justin Bell and Mahesh Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer, Areteans briefed about the future road map of this strategic partnership and plans to create a larger impact with partner companies.

Justin Bell speaking on the occasion said, Credera is a Global boutique technical consulting firm and has been heavily investing in this market in India. The people from India are incredibly important for our overall strategy. What we created is unique and special in the market, we work globally to help the world’s best clients wherever they happen to be. Just about a year ago, we saw the same cultural connections with Areteans, in terms of the way they take care of their people, that’s why we made the investment in the company a year ago and been happy with the partnership to this point and we will continue to invest and grow. In January we made second large investment in a company called TA Digital and all together have over 2000 people here in India and looking to grow that in a substantial way, both organically by hiring more people and through more acquisitions. We believe we have a great combination here by having the nascent technologies with client focus. By the investments we made in the last couple of years we created a network and added definite specialties through Areteans and TA Digital. We are really looking for companies that have a great culture and have great leaders, we then work with those leaders and grow those businesses and leverage the broader set of capabilities across the network. Our network is present in USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, besides India. We work specifically in digital transformation space when a client has a need to better reach to their customer. We help clients to market themselves or products, for assessing customer experience, we help them to use the technology in modern and innovative ways to better their customer’s experience and drive more sales or more profit. Our hiring philosophy is recruiting through campus or university to recruit young people and experienced professionals. In all we have 3500 head count across the globe, 1000 of them are in USA and 2000 in India. Credera and the whole Credera network is part of a large Advertising and Marketing booming company called Omnicom, a publicly traded company.      

Mahesh Agrawal said, we are really excited to be part of Credera network which gets us global footing and benefits customers. As part of the Credera network we look forward to big growth across the globe and in India in terms of our delivery centers. As a group we are planning to expand into many more cities and of course making it bigger and bigger in Hyderabad as well. Through our combination of Credera, Areteans and TA Digital, we are going to the customers with each entity focused on their specialized skills and providing integrated solutions to the customer. We have lot of positive vibes from the customers appreciating this kind of a network offering end to end implementation with the focus on their own respective skills. Areteans is head quartered in Hyderabad and has offices at Kolkatta, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon and Bhubaneshwar, we are also planning to expand to other cities as well. As a group we are to are planning to grow by 200% in the next two years, this is possible through expanding into more tier 2 cities while simultaneously growing in the existing cities.


About Areteans

Areteans is a leading global gold partner of Pegasystems Inc, the leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operation excellence. It is actively involved in helping accelerate the digital transformation of businesses specially in the fields of Finance, Insurance, FMCG, Telecom & Government services. It specializes in proactively collaborating with its customers and providing them the most optimized & innovative service/solution resulting in the highest value outcomes for them.