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Top 10 NIT Rourkela Alumni Leaders 2023 Certification obtained by Sidhartha Mohanty

When it comes to cloud-based applications for improving customer relationships and business processes, Pega is unrivalled. Pega’s AI-powered software is used by the leading marquee organizations across the world to improve each & every interaction with their customers across all channels and drive successful outcomes. Using the Pega application development platform, businesses can rapidly create and improve applications to better serve their customers as well as employees and fuel digital transformation through out the globe. With these advantages in mind, Sidhartha Mohanty along with other industry veterans founded Areteans Technology Solutions to assist organizations in delivering Pega implementation for their digital transformation and evolution.
In addition to his work at Areteans, Sidhartha co-founded and served as Director (Technology) for Incessant Technologies. Over his 18 years in the IT industry, 14 of them have been spent focusing on the Pega/BPM space, where Sidhartha excels. In addition to having built frameworks in Pega and Java, he has a particular understanding of the importance of creating enterprise business solutions.
Below is an excerpt of Sidhartha Mohanty’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How would you describe the learning experience at NIT Rourkela? What are the most important lessons you have inoculated from the institute and carried in your journey so far?

The exposure to other cultures that I gained during my journey has been invaluable to me. Moreover, half of the students at NIT Rourkela were from outside of my native state, and half were from Orissa. As a result, I was exposed to a variety of cultures and gained diverse perspectives on the world at large. Further more, it assisted me in expanding my professional connections through networking with alumni. On top of that, having this newfound knowledge equipped me to deal with the many challenges I faced out there by myself, as well as gave me the resilience to tackle  several situations I encountered throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

Under your administration, what are the kinds of technological impacts that are enhancing the consumer experience through your solutions?

Our primary emphasis as a system integrator is on learning about our client’s businesses, their business challenges, and their goals and targets so that we can help them achieve their desired results and business outcomes. The primary focus is on maximizing the effectiveness of the applications we create for our customers to drive incremental ROI for the customer through intelligent automation and AI and Machine Learning led data-driven approaches
We use Pega Technology to solve business problems for our customers. Areteans is the largest pureplay SI in the world that is focused only on Pega. Our focus and mastery of one technology help us to focus on solving customers’ business problems rather than trying to master technology. Pega provides customers a no code/low code AI-driven platform to create enterprise solutions in the area of Martech, Intelligent Automation, and CRM

How do you develop efficient corporate growth strategies?

Our Company’s vision drives our growth strategy. Our vision is to drive successful business outcomes for our customers. Our collaborative model with the depth of knowledge on the technology to support our customers and drive their growth defines our success and that has led to our own growth. An
efficient growth strategy depends on how efficiently we implement our vision on the ground. For our vision to succeed, our consultants focus to understand the business of our customers and use that perspective to build the right solution for our customers. With this focus, our customers see us as their partners to drive business excellence, not just Pega Implementation Partners. In just seven years, we have seen remarkable
growth in our organization, increasing its membership to significant numbers in the specialized field of Pega. My Colleagues are the key pillars for this growth. If my colleagues continuously learn and grow in their roles, the company succeeds. Personally, my most important focus in the company is to help my colleagues grow faster in terms of their careers.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

AI and decisioning is a key aspect of our growth strategy and we are making the entire company enabled on decisioning. Decisioning is an application of AI and Machine Learning that blends data, rules, and analytics to make smart decisions about what to talk to customers about, and on what channel, at any given time. Put simply: it’s the brain that lets personalization deliver on all the promises.
We are part of Omnicom group which is one of the biggest media agencies in the world and apart from the creative aspects, they focus on Martech. Decisioning is the key to personalizing messaging be it to upsell or cross-sell an offer or identifying the next best conversation with the customer. Being part of the bigger group helps us to reach out to the right customers As we grow, we want to grow with our colleagues.
Our Mantra is Groom internally, Hire Later. The growth of our colleagues is paramount to our growth. We’ve designed a program termed “step up” to promote every employee to the next level of enablement through experiential learning.
In addition to that next year, our customers are placing a greater emphasis on digital transformation. We’ve seen tremendous expansion across the board with our clientele. While APAC and Europe are certainly important to our business, we will be placing a particular emphasis on the American market in the next year. These are the three main areas we expect to expand into next year.