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Hello humans!

Your careless attitude towards sustainability is spilling into my territory. Could you please keep a check on things?

Hello humans!

Your careless attitude towards
sustainability is spilling into
my territory. Could you please
keep a check on things?


Areteans provides a modernisation approach that is tailored to each customer’s needs, as well as the size and complexity of their existing applications. The strategy is intended to be predictable, cost-effective, and provide the appropriate company value.

By employing standardised tools and procedures, maintaining quality, and close engagement with customers, Areteans’ modernization approach is predictable, cost-effective, and produces value.

Problem statement

The present Pega version is limited in its capabilities and does not fully utilise the platform. Data is difficult to enter the decision engine, and the current operational architecture is not scalable.

These constraints have several business ramifications, including:

  • Reduced capacity to industrialise customer engagement and respond to change even more quickly
  • Possible customer retention and acquisition issues
  • Inability to capitalise on new use cases and activities
  • Limited capacity to respond to organisational expansion


Cloud Migration

Discovery workshop

The first phase includes an on-site meeting to learn about your applications and identify any changes that are required prior to migration/upgrade. It also comprises a FastStart Estimation, if needed, to assess the size and scope of the upgrade and deliver a proposal.


For Client Managed, you must upgrade your application to the most recent version of the Pega Platform and maintain a high guardrail score.

Mitigation and implementation

The implementation stage is the ultimate stage of cloud migration and upgradation. Application mitigation, data migration, tuning, and a hands-on engagement to migrate infrastructures to the cloud are all part of this process.

Pega Upgrade


This phase focuses on the existing state of the client technology system(s) and architecture to analyze the gaps and limitations.

It also provides a plan for implementation.


This phase ensures configuration and functional compatibility of the existing application in Pega Infinity. It includes upgrading

 to Pega version and checking all configurations/Integrations, creating baseline upgrade rule base, executing end-to-end regression testing, fixing any upgrade impacts (including UI, Reports etc.), and retesting to ensure application sanity in the new version.

Transition, deploy, and warranty

This phase focuses on enabling business users to leverage the new security features and functionalities in Pega version and stabilize application in Production. 

and stabilize application in Production. It includes SIT and UAT verification of upgraded application, deploying in Production post UAT Sign off, Post Implementation Verification on Deployment (Special emphasis on Security issues), performing PVT on production by client business users, monitoring for any exceptions, performance drop, and addressing any upgrade specific warranty issue for 2 weeks.

We deliver. You excel.

Business Transformation

Establish foundation

This phase includes performing post upgrade tasks, enabling agents post upgrade, regenerating context dictionary, upgrading NBAD 

to the latest version, identifying if the data structure needs to be reconfigured, building custom dataflow and strategy to prepopulate the ActionInsights dataset, extracting contact policy and constraints logic from the current application and rebuilding in NBA-D, configuring the Taxonomy for NBA-Designer, recreating all the existing segments, mapping all treatments to actions, adding existing strategies into NBA_Toplevel as a sub strategies, and creating a new campaign End to End Unit testing.

Add logic

This phase includes extracting eligibility, applicability and suitability logic from the CDH application and rebuilding in NBA-D, 

extracting Arbitration logic and reconfiguring in NBA-D, reusing adaptive models by putting the existing models within the Action Scoring extension point, renaming client strategies that use the same name as strategies used by Next-Best-Action Designer, and unit testing and End to End testing.

Making seamless

This phase includes performing migration outside of the revision manager and saving the generated artifacts, including 

context dictionary, in the overlay ruleset, deploying the ruleset version back into the Revision Manager environment, analyzing and simplifying Offer flows, and implementing the changes.


The Areteans Modernization solution is an extensive plan for Pega applications. Areteans has a proven process for migrating and upgrading Pega applications, and they offer a variety of benefits such as reduced technical debt, standardised services, lower installation costs, increased repeatability, and faster rollouts.