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Veterans at Areteans

New perspectives and insights thatshape our culture

The veteran community brings diverse experience and skills to our team and is integral to our identity. We are so proud to have veterans in key roles at our company. 

At Areteans, we pride ourselves on our ability to build inclusive and sustainable teams that can efficiently drive the business forward. We work to include veterans from all walks of life who encourage us to think differently with their unique perspectives and knowledge.

Our veterans contribute various insights to Areteans, representing a broad mix of identities and experiences. 

They are a determined bunch of individuals who drive every initiative with vigor since they have served the country. Veterans are vital members of our Areteans family, contributing to our enthusiasm and dedication to digital transformation.

Their years of experience in the industry have earned them a respectable position and a significant contribution to our company. All of our personnel are frequently made aware of their exposure for them to be able to apply their exceptional knowledge in any executive decision.

Veterans bring passion to every project they work on and drive us toward digital transformation. The contagious energy from their years of experience and wisdom motivates our employees, and their insight helps us make effective executive decisions.

To share our similarities and celebrate our differences

Together for Veterans

Areteans Australia branch partnered with WithYouWithMe — an organization that focuses on making tech jobs more accessible to veterans by focusing on their core skillset. The goal of this partnership is to bring together the fantastic team at WithYouWithMe, and Areteans, to help all veterans find great opportunities and drive their careers while making the world a better place.

The initiative opens up new avenues for training and employment opportunities for veterans who embody Aretean’s core values, including strong work ethic, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to their community. Not only does it ensure that veterans receive the opportunities of their choice when they return from deployment, but it also enables them to succeed in the civilian workforce.

“Areteans as a company strongly believes that including veterans in the workforce would remarkably impact achieving the company’s mission and vision. Of course, this is our way of moving forward towards achieving diversity and inclusion at Areteans. We are extremely proud of this collaboration and look forward to expanding this partnership to other locations as well,” says Mahesh Agrawal, CEO, Areteans.

Meet our veterans

Nitin Panwar

Project Manager

We are pleased to welcome Nitin Panwar as Project Manager. Nitin has ten years of experience in the Indian Air Force as an Aeronautical Engineer.
He has worked on projects involving infrastructure development, technological advancements, document digitization, and R&D for new state-
of-the-art military aircraft equipment during his time in the IAF.
He also managed IAF assets to support 24X7 flying operations and Military Aircraft Maintenance, supplemented by ERP forecasting and resource planning tools.
Nitin currently lives in Chandigarh and was born in Roorkee, a small city in Uttarakhand. He stays in shape by engaging in physical activities such as basketball, volleyball, and table tennis.

Prashant Kadam

Sr. Manager - Strategic Planning

Squadron Leader Prashant Kadam (Retd) has joined us as Senior Manager — Strategic Planning Squadron. As a veteran officer of the Indian Air Force, he has selflessly served the IAF for over ten years.
During his time with the Air Force, he led a team of 150 aerospace professionals in various strategic military operations across India. He was born in Maharashtra and graduated with a bachelor's degree in technology education from the University of Pune.
In 2010, he received a 2.5 lakh research grant from Pune University for his extensive work on heat transfer characteristics in thermosyphon systems.
Prashant has a three-year-old son and enjoys traveling. A father to a three-
year-old son, he loves to travel.
He is also an active member of Haat Madaticha NGO registered with the Government of Maharashtra. Thank you for your services. We are proud to have you on our team.

Surabhi Datta

Project Manager

Squadron L Surabhi Datta (Retd.) has joined us as Project Manager. She has a decade of experience as a Commissioned Officer in the Indian Air Force (IAF), where she has taken on numerous project management, operation management, human resource planning, facility management, and training and development responsibilities.
She received her BE (CSE) from RGPV University in Bhopal. She has a PG Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering in Electronics from Visvesvaraya
Technology University in Belgaum and a PG Diploma in Human Rights from the Indian Institute of Human Rights in New Delhi.She is pursuing a master's in Social Work (MSW) from IGNOU.
She also has a Business Management Certification from IIM Indore. She enjoys gardening, bonsai, painting, and pottery in her spare time.

At Areteans, we mastered the art of celebrating our individuality, together.

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