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Creative solution to automate tasks for reduced TAT

With over 1,200 branches in 70 countries, this prominent British multinational banking and financial services company has diverse expertise in emerging and high-growth markets.


● Disjointed and manual processes
● Complex project life cycles
● Frequent changes by business users
● Non-adherence to SLAs
● Higher infra and IT costs


● Improved ability to implement new workflows

● Enhanced capacity for technology teams

● Configured and implemented over 900 workflows

● Improved TAT and reduced IT dependency

● Accelerated time to market with optimized process

● Increased customer satisfaction

● Incremental IT costs eliminated in new process automation


Areteans created a robust DIY solution in collaboration with our client to enable non-technical users to set up workflows without IT support. We built dynamic case types for quick configuration to improve TAT and customer satisfaction.

Our tool manages project life cycles with built-in features such as Search, Reports, SLA Management, and Service Catalog. It includes security access control, testing, and publishing functionalities for enhanced productivity.


● 900+ processes commissioned using BIY
● 3000+ users onboarded
● 8000+ execution cases created
● 2 countries covered within 6 months