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Banking with
Modern Technology

A Call for Business Action

Transforming Banking Services Across Kuwait and Beyond

A leading bank in Kuwait, recognized as one of the emerging banks in the
region and the Global Cooperation Council, embarked on a mission to enhance
its banking services. The bank provides a variety of Sharia-compliant (Islamic
banking and finance) services to individual, private, business, and corporate
customers, aiming to deliver superior customer experiences and operational

Empowering Business Excellence with Areteans’ Expertise

Unifying Banking Services with Pega 8.5.1 Solution

To address the challenges of modernizing its services, the bank partnered with
Areteans to implement a comprehensive transformation journey. Areteans
focused on journey transformation, UX-centric design, and API refactoring for
reusability, providing application re-building and re-modeling services using
Pega 8.5.1 through an onshore/offshore model.

Driving Lasting Transformation with Pega Microjourneys

Enhancements with Pega Frameworks and Theme Cosmos

The deployment of Pega 8.5.1 and Theme Cosmos facilitated several critical enhancements. These included building a future-proof application to enable digital transformation and provide an omnichannel experience for both employees and customers. The bank overcame a poor guardrail score and adopted coding best practices to achieve delivery excellence. They reduced accumulated tech debt and modernized the application with flexible code re-use to meet future needs. 

A single unified application was developed, leveraging Pega’s center-out business architecture, compatible with both desktop and handheld devices. The project provided a 360-degree customer view to enhance visibility, transparency, governance, and customer service. The full potential of the Pega platform was utilized to deliver comprehensive solutions for cards, onboarding, and customer 360 through connected journeys and low-code digital capabilities.

Greater re-use was promoted through a ground-up development approach using layer cake architecture. A rich UI/UX was built that renders seamlessly on multiple devices for an enhanced customer experience through unified journeys.

We delivered microjourneys that included Onboarding, Prepaid/Credit Cards, and Customer 360. Deploying Pega CDH 7.4,Pega Customer Service 7.4, and Pega Platform 7.4 facilitated several critical enhancements.

Our team achieved seamless integrations, particularly with CiNet Integration, connecting various third-party systems and banking applications.

Achieving Remarkable Business Outcomes

Significant Business Impact through Pega CDH Implementation

The implementation of Pega 8.5.1 had a profound impact on the bank, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience. One notable achievement was the accelerated processing of prepaid/credit cards by 30-40%, streamlining and expediting the service delivery process.

Additionally, Pega 8.5.1 enabled the creation of a unified customer experience. This included the development of a comprehensive customer 360 landing page tailored for relationship managers. The integration of advanced technologies such as camera scans, QR codes, and card readers eliminated traditional manual checks and paperwork. As a result, customers could complete their banking transactions and leave the bank with a printed card in just 30 minutes, enhancing
overall satisfaction and efficiency.

The business benefits of these enhancements were significant. They not only improved card processing times but also provided relationship managers with a consolidated platform to better serve customers. The seamless integration of customer identification technologies ensured swift and reliable service, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to delivering a superior banking experience through innovative solutions

The Business Benefits of these Enhancements were Significant

Improved card processing times, accelerating the prepaid/credit card process by 30-40%.

Provision of a customer 360 landing page, offering relationship managers a unified view for enhanced service delivery.

Seamless customer identification through advanced technologies like camera scans, QR codes, and card readers, ensuring quick and efficient transactions.

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